Review: Solid Cleanser by Beauty Blender

There are many ways to put on makeups; your hands, make up brushes or make up sponges. Personally I prefer my good ol’ Beauty Blender above all else coz its easy and fast AND ofcourse it’s hygienic. I’m a teeny bit OCD when it comes to things that will touch my face. I change my pillow cases every week and I wash my Beauty Blender after each use coz apart of having to handle my neurotic hormones that will break my face out, I try my best to keep everything else within my control.

People tend to get lazy coz cleaning your beauty tools is a tedious process and I felt the same way to. I’ve tried cleaning them with proper brush cleansers, antibacterial brush sprays, antibacterial soaps, baby shampoo, you name it but they weren’t good enough for me somehow. So I’m beyonddd glad I finally found something that cleans my stuff thoroughly and quickly and it came in the mail today at work!

This Solid Cleanser by Beauty Blender. I mean ofcourse it cleans the Beauty Blender like absolutely NOTHING else but it works super well with brushes too?!(too much, just too much haha) I dont know what they put inside this stuff but thank god I discovered it! With all the foundation and concealers I used, this thing takes off any trace of makeup on my black Beauty Blender which is ahmazinggg. Also it won’t ruin the texture of your brushes whatsoever.

I bought this in a set with my Beauty Blender which is RM120 for both from Luxola. But recently Luxola lets you buy this separately for RM72 which is good coz my Beauty Blender is still as good as new but my cleanser ran out so I went ahead and got it.
Be clean, Go try! xx

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