Labour Day + Benefit’s POREfessional!

Hellllllo virtual world,

Life :
For the first time, I get to appreciate Labour Day! Been almost 7 months since I started workin and this phase of life aint that bad once you get used to it coz at the end of the month, you will feel that its all worth it seeing those numbers credited into your bank account :p

What’s new?

So anywayyyyy, I finally bought the Benefit’s the POREfessional seeing all the hype it got. I always get so impressed when i put the tester on my hand coz it changed the texture of my skin so drastically! I never bought it coz I was still skeptical bout what it’ll do to my sensitive skin and didnt wanna waste money on a hundred over bucks primer that I wasnt sure of. So I was in Sunway Pyramid’s Sephora last weekend and I saw that they had the mini sized one – RM40 which was a win coz I did not want to get the full sized one and regret if I hated it.

So onto the product itself…

Scent :
I love the scent but usually scented stuff aren’t good for the skin. Thankfully this did not break me out after a whole week of using it

The product for me :
When applied, it really does create a smooth canvas for you to work your foundation with. But when it comes to erasing pores which it claims to do, I can’t really tell a difference coz I’m kinda blessed with tiny pores(come to think of it, I dont know why I got this coz its the POREfessional and I dont have pore issues hahah curiosity got the best of me as always man)

Repurchase? :
For my skin type(small pores, oily, acne prone), I don’t think this is a necessary product to throw in my make up routine coz it didnt exactly changed how my make up looks on my skin throughout the day. I will continue to use it but I wont be repurchasing it. Still searching for the perfect primer for oily skinnnnnn.

That’s all for now! Happy Labour Day working people! We deserve a break 🙂 xx

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