Updated night skincare routine – No major breakouts in a month!

So I have made some changes in my night time skin care routine which I think has helped tremendously with my problematic skin and kept it clear for a whole month! Lets dive in shall we?

To remove my make up off, I’ve been using the good old Loreal Absolute Eye & Lip Make up Remover for my eye make up. I use waterproof liquid liner and waterproof mascara so this takes off every trace of eye make up.
For the face, Ive been using the Bobbi Brown Cleansing oil. I rub it on my full of make up face and
it breaks down all of the gunk off my face. Then I’ll rinse it off with water. When water touches the oil, it turns into a milky texture and consistency which still amazes me to this day. I mean oil to milk? Come on that’s pure genius
And then I use my Philosophy 3 in 1 cleanser as the first step of cleaning my face. I love this cleanser even without my Clarisonic coz the clean feeling it gives me, nothing can beat.
To really get in there, I then use my Clarisonic Mia 2 with The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash. This relaxes me in a way coz of the cooling sensation it gives to my skin. Even more when I use it with my Clarisonic for a solid 1 minute! Love this step the most.
6.T. N Dickinson’s Witch Hazel (Bought it online from U.S)
Witch Hazel is not necessarily a toner but for those who does not know the benefits of witch hazel, you can read about it here. So I take a cotton pad and tone my face with this to get any access dirt off my face.
Still love this for my eye cream. Just the right amount of moisture for my under eye area.
Let me scream! I love this serum oh my god. I would pay way more for this coz it literally makes my skin so soft and I think it’s been helping me with my acne coz I should’ve gotten some during the past week before the time of the month but nothing appeared on my face! *touch wood*. Also, it really helped with the lines I have on my nose from smiling too much in life. Haha. So this is the step I take after toning my face. Just one drop of this for my whole face.
This oil is the epitome of versatility. It can be used on the face, body or even hair. Okay I gotta admit that it scared me a little to try such oil on my face but I went ahead anyway. Thank god I didn’t break out from it. Instead, I find it so moisturizing! Love it & the scent is heavenly. I just use a pea sized and rub it all over my face. It’s a dry oil so its not greasy after it sinks in.
Then comes in the best moisturizer ever. I went to Keihls the other day and they did a skin test for me and to my surprise I am actually normal to dry skin?! Wth I always thought I’m oily! Zz cant argue with a skin test though. Haha So this helped me out so much coz it’s moisturizing and makes my face less oily I can’t believe it. It’s okay for you to use oil control products but you cant go all out like with oil control cleaner, toner, serum & moisturizer in your whole routine. That will actually make your skin dry and produce more oil. Maybe one or two oil control products are enough in your skin regime. Otherwise your skin will go berserk. So Im lovin this one right here for balancing out my skin!
I’ve been religiously using this and I believe that it has helped me tremendously with my post acne marks. Non-drying and definitely worth repurchasing. A teeny bit goes a long way.
So that’s it on my updated night skin care routine! Xx

2 thoughts on “Updated night skincare routine – No major breakouts in a month!

  1. jemputpisang

    hi, nice post! i’m currently using the body shop creamy wash as well. however it breaks my skin like crazy. T___T it’s lucky that it works well to you. may i know where you bought the witch hazel?



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