Morning Skin Care Routine

My Morning skin care routine is a little simple and gentle compared to my massive night time routine but that doesn’t mean it’s not as important and I’ll never skip these even if its a stay-at-home without make up day.

I use only The Body Shop Tea Tree Cooling & Creamy Facewash to cleanse my face in the morning without my Clarisonic. I used to use my Clarisonic in my morning routines but for the past month I cut it down to only at night as I feel that once a day sufficed for my current skin condition which is more stable now.
I have mad mad love for this Tea Tree cleanser in the morning coz it makes my face so cold and it wakes me up. Literally.Then I jump into the shower. I never let the hot water of the shower touch my face coz I have a bad habit of bathing with extremely hot water sometimes so hot that my chest turns red! Haha so it a big no no for the face. The skin on the face is so delicate that it can only take lukewarm or cold water. Ok enough blabbering
Thennnn I use the witch hazel to tone my face. No matter how clean my face feels, I’ll never skip this step or else I wont feel good about applying anything else on my skin after that. Haha
Sun screen
I cant even stress how important this step is. Some people skip this step mainly coz
most sunscreens are oily, breaks you out, and won’t look good under make up. Some people hate the sunscreen scent(which I love personally) and don’t see the need to use sun screen coz you can’t see the effect it gives to your skin. But in the long run, when it’s too late you’ll see sun spots on your skin, darkened acne scars due to sun exposure! Ee don’t want!
NO matter what, you must put on sunscreen on a daily basis down to your neck. Your neck will show the first signs on aging. And sun exposure will speed the aging process. Imagine being in Malaysia with the hot sun and not protecting your skin! Wrinkled neck O.O omg.. I cant even.
So I use the La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 ultra light sunscreen fluid for my skin. It does not break me out and its not oily after it sinks in. No white cast too. So I’ve been loving this for months! It comes in a liquid texture so I need very very little to spread all over my face.
Eye Cream
Of course, the Tarte Maracuja c- brighter eye cream is my choice too. But I really wanna try the ever so famous Keihl’s Avacado EyeCream. Maybe next month. Tarte’s eye cream does not make my under eye concealer crease or whatsoever.
If you wear make up, you need to find a moisturizer that’s not too heavy otherwise you will be an oily mess by noon. I’ve been loving the Keihl’s Ultra Facial Cream in the morning under my make up. It moisturizes so intensely but my make up stays put longer than when I use The Body shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion which was more for oily skin. Im impressed man. Just impressed.
So that’s it! I then go in with my make up primer and start my make up for the day! Xx
(For more info on products, click on the linked product names)

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