Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Holy cow, shiz just got serious okay.

When people look at you everyday, most likely they won’t notice the difference your skin makes when you change up products in your routine, they won’t notice you losing a couple of pounds. So when they do, you know it’s real.
From my previous posts, I told you that I added Estee LauderAdvanced Night Repair into my skin care regime and
 I personally have noticed a ton of difference in my skin.
  • My pores kinda shrinked
  • My skin’s texture is alotttt smoother
  • I break out less, and when I do it heals a lot faster
  • Those lines I get on my nose when I smile is less noticeable.
Of course I was beyond delighted elated excited but I thought I was telling my brain to think that it’s working given the price tag of this tiny bottle hahaha. So I gave myself more time to really try it out.
BUT recently a couple of my colleagues stopped me and ask whether I did anything to my face (mostly botox haha) coz my face looks so firm and lifted up! OMG I almost screamed coz right away I know that the Estee Lauder was working its magic on me! They see me every day and if they notice it, all doubts about the product can be thrown out the window!
So this is me telling you that all the hype for this product is true. It works. It’s an investment. It is worth the money. Save up and go get it! Xx
You can get it at all Estee Lauder counters / Sephora
30ml – RM225
50ml – RM350

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