Products I Regret Buying #1

I usually do extensive research before purchasing products but sometimes impulse purchase happens too. Coz I’m only human.. a GIRL human might I add. haha

Sometimes i’ll get lucky and love the products that i bought out of curiosity but most of the time I’ll hate them! but I still never learn my lesson and keep on repeating and repeating and regretting :p

So here goes on the products that I completely regret buying! I’m not gonna state the price coz then I’ll feel bad about all the money that I wasted. I know people make mistakes.. but still! HAHAA

1. NYX Concealer Stick

I think NYX made this to prank people. I put it on, blended it out and went like wtf did it go? it disappeared o.o … no coverage whatsoever. Is this some kind of a joke?! One try and I gave up and hated it completely. Trash

2. NYX Concealer Jar

What is this! Another regret. It does not cover, does not blend nicely, and not easy to work with. Haih.. I just wanna say..
stay away from NYX’s concealer if you want decent coverage or any amount of coverage whatsoever. They’re crap. I get that it’s an affordable brand but man there are other brands out there that are not pricey and still gets the job done. NO NYX NO.

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I love their Butter Gloss but this sucked the hydration out of my lips and shortly after applying it, my lips look like they’re 80 yrs of age. Also if you have slightly dry lips, stay away coz this will settle into the lines. Disappointed with NYX maximum.

4. Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush

I was in Singapore’s Airport and I was like wow this is cheap(can’t recall the exact price now haha) so I swatched it on my hand and loved it, bought it. BUT when I applied it onto my face I was like …. wtf then washed off my make up and started over. Man… what a let down. But these things happen, like when make up goes on nice on your hand but total crap on your face.

5. Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain 

This was just my pure stupidity. I wanted to get the matte one but I was in a hurry so I grabbed this one in this exact shade by accident and freakin hated it. Made me look ill. The consistency is shit too. I hate it!

6. Loreal True Match Foundation

I think this was the biggest let down in the whole universe coz I actually read reviews about this. People said that it’s something like Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation so ofcourse I wanted to try it out. The part where they said it blends like a dream is true I must agree. It spreads onto my face like a charm but after around 2 hours, my face turned into an oily mess! So I didn’t give up and tried mixing this with my ultimate fav Revlon Colorstay Foundation but FAILED. So sad so depressed.

7. Benefit’s Erase Paste

This is alright but I think it’s overpriced for what it does so I regret buying this. I could get better stuff with lesser price. I don’t see what’s so special about this and I’ve only used this twice for my undereye area. No wow factor. Nothing. Wished I didn’t buy this and saved that money for something else. haha

8. Benefit’s Porefessional

I regret this coz I dont have large pores so I didn’t see the difference that I wanted to see in my make up with this primer underneath. Did not really make my make up look smooth. Ee Benefit’s going into my bad book of brands soon haha.

9.Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer

A concealer with green tea extract to heal blemishes while it covers them? WOW. but not. this is freakin cakey. I was shocked coz mom bought this for me when I was 16 coz my skin was a total nightmare at that time and it worked great. So I bought it again recently and it cake faced me like crazy. Maybe the formulation changed or something I dont know. Expensive mistake 😦

10. Make Up Forever Sculpting Blush

Haih I can’t even. The color of this is so pretty but it’s not pigmented enough for me. I need to really get in there and work it onto my skin. Not worth the money atleast to me coz The Balm Cosmetics Blushes are half the price and ten times better! Sheesh

11. Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser

This made me break out worse and it was a nightmare! Its really heavily scented, a scent that I cant take. I despise this man. Supposed to be their anti breakout line but pfft.

12. Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make up Remover

Yea its extra gentle.. so gentle that it barely removed anything. hahaha. It took a lot to clean my eye area off make up and made everything difficult. Why did I even buy this? silly.

13. Keihl’s Blue Herbal Spot Treatment

This did not do ANYTHING for my spots other than sting it! It’s pricey for a spot treatment to not work but yeah reality sucks right.

So that’s it. $$$ wasted on crap products! Maybe it will work for you coz everyone of us has different skin types but they sure didn’t work for me.

Till then darlings. Xx

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