Clear Gel Mascara; for the brows?

Personally I’ve always had trouble with keeping my brows in place for the entire day when it comes to make up. No matter what I use to fill in my brows be it an eyebrow pencil or an eye brow powder, they always seem to partially disappear or go patchy come mid day mostly coz of my oily t-zone area (forehead).

I think that brows are the most important part of make up coz it affects how you look entirely.

Girls with perfectly trimmed and shaped brows always get my attention. hahah. I can leave the house without other eye related make ups (liner, shadow, mascara) but not without my brows!

So I’m glad that I finally found something that like magic for my brows with
my oily forehead. A product not made specifically for brows but is the best at making it stay put the entire day!

Clear Gel Mascara

You can get it anywhere, drug store or high end, whatevs it doesn’t matter. I got mine at The Body Shop for RM39 if I’m not mistaken and I’ve been lovin it ever since.

Clear gel mascaras are meant to make your colored mascaras stay on longer and not clump and its a no brainer to why it makes brows stay in shape too. Apart from that, when you’re going for a “no make up” make up look where you just need a little push on the lashes but nothing bizzare, yes this is key.

I don’t use mine for my lashes coz my mascara is good enough on its own but my brows has been staying and not straying for straight up 10 hours or more by using this! omgomg yes la, finally. So if you have brow related issues, go try this out! Hope it’ll help. Xx

Here’s a picture I took yesterday 12 hours post make up. No touch ups whatsoever in between just to assure you :p

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