5 Beauty Tools I can’t live without!

I know I’ve lived perfectly well without these products before I got them(maybe I was just oblivious to my looks hahaha) but ever since I discovered them, I can never ever live without them or replace them with a dupe.
I’ve tried replacing this coz one time coz I had a sleepover and I forgot to bring this. I went over to Sasa to get some regular makeup sponge that I used prior to this beauty blender. And my makeup was just messed up without it. My foundation did not blend evenly or as nicely as it usually would and everything was just all over the place. Now I clearly see what a difference this sponge makes to my makeup routine and why its so pricey for just a sponge.(coz its not just your regular sponge it’s the Beauty Blender! haha) And the application used for makeups be it sponges, brushes or just your hands do make a difference on the finish you get.

Since I can’t get the Solid Cleanser anywhere in KL (that I know of) so I order it online. Sometimes it takes a couple of days and I always curse myself for not stocking them up. Let me tell you, NOTHING will clean the Beauty Blender as well as this does. Usually I’m not the type who buys a brush from the same brand coz its recommended to use with the powder, or a toner coz it works well with the same brand of cleanser coz that just sounds like a scam haha. But…
I believe that this cleanser is the only one that will thoroughly clean the beauty blender and that is one of the main reasons I love my BB coz it’s a hygienic sponge. I’ve tried cleaning it with other cleansers but NOOO. Nothing works as well. This makes my Beauty Blender good as new after every wash.
I’ve been using this religiously for the past 5 months and never skipped even once in my evening routine. I just feel that my skin is not clean enough without this and don’t feel comfortable going to bed with that yucky feeling. I love love love love my Clarisonic and the difference it made in my skin.
  • Face Towels
I am horrified at the thought of me using the same towel for my body and my face when I didn’t know any better last time. It’s a big no no even for people without any skin issues coz it’s just unhygienic. I always have a small separate towel for my face that I change every 2 days. Even when I’m travelling I’ll always make sure that I bring a separate face towel to avoid germs.. err mysophobia much? Haha
This brush is an all rounder. I can use this for powder, contour, and blush so if I forget the other brushes I wont panic as long as I have this. Who doesn’t love anythins ALL in one??? Also, it dries incredibly fast when washed. I hate having to wait patiently all day long for brushes to dry.
So if I’m stuck on an island.. you know what I need. haha. Xx

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