5 Skin Care products I can’t live without!

Honestly I have never tried anything that gives a more obvious result on my face in such a short period of time. I was completely sold upon the first few applications. I think I got myself into deep shit coz
I have to keep repurchasing this serum for the rest of my life and that’s RM350 every time. Haha. But its okay! Anything for the skin…right?

You know sun exposure to the skin is the most dangerous kind coz you will not notice what it does till its too late. So sunblock is a must for me especially in this country. This one does not ruin my makeup whatsoever so I’ll continue repurchasing till I get or find a better one which will be quite impossible without a few misses coz most sunblock will either break you out or make you oily or leave behind a white cast
This, I use for my first step of cleansing coz it cleanses my face super thoroughly and it stated that it cleanses, tones and moisturizes the face which is a plus but I still use a separate toner and moisturizer for that matter. If I ever have to go without my Clarisonic in the evening, this is the only cleanser I trust to deep cleanse my face.
This moisturizer is just made for me. Pretty hard for me to find one that suits my face both day and night coz I love the light ones in the morning before makeup and a heavier one before bed, BUT this formula is perfect for both and it’s definitely a keeper too.
This is super important because I do break out once in a while and I love this to gently get rid of those spots since it has close to no chemicals that means no drying of the infected area. Coz recently I found out that my skin despises Oxy and all those benzoyl peroxide creams to combat acne. It burned my zits like crazy suddenly and I kinda have phobia of those now hahaha. Especially coz I went to work and everyone got shocked at how I looked and kept asking.  So I’ll just stick to this tea tree oil even though it burns like f on open wounds haha.



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