Review: Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush

So as many of you may or may not know the hype and love Sigma Makeup Brushes get from all the beauty addicts. The endless positive reviews about the quality and the finish it provides will lure anyone who reads about it to actually dig their piggy banks and purchase it. Hehe…………..

Sigma has a gazillion different type of brushes for your every need but no surprise here, its realllly limited in Malaysia. Infact, there’s none at our disposal physically as far as I know, they’re only available online at re-seller stores like my fav site Luxola or Color Cosmetics. (I personally have never bought anything from color cosmetic’s site but i’ll find an excuse to try soon i guess?)

I got mine from Luxola a couple of days back and I think I got the last piece coz shortly after
checked and it’s sold out. eek! Anywayyyy, I was pretty damn psyched to try it out coz many beauty experts adore this brush for applying their foundation. To double the excitement, I have never tried the brush-foundation method! (always been more of a sponge kinda person)

So what are my thoughts?

The brush : The bristles are really soft and dense enough to make it effortless applying foundation with it. Washing it is easy too coz its synthetic but it takes more work coz of all the foundation stuck on it.

Application : The application of liquid foundation with this F82 is easy, smooth & fast. I feel like a painter..literally haha. It gets into all the hard to reach places like around my nose and stuff better than my Beauty Blender. On top of that, it did not leave any streaks of foundation marks, it sets beautifully. Maybe.. just maybe I like this method more than my Beauty Blender! but i still need my BB for blending out concealers. (I can’t live without both dont make me choose haha)

Finish : The finish of my foundation is more full coverage and air-brushed looking compared to when I use my damp Beauty Blender coz I guess the “damp situation” sheered out my foundation’s coverage. I always thought my Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation has really sheer coverage till I used it with this brush! Bomb!

Verdict : I give this a 10/10! (hooray) coz I’ve never loved a brush this much. No complains about it whatsoeva. Kiss it a bit.

Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush – RM74.50 from Luxola



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