Beauty Table Tour!

I usually stay home on Sundays to hibernate before hardcore Monday slaps itself on my face. I clean my make up brushes on Sundays, tidy up my room, clean my beauty table & pamper my face with some masks, and then stay in bed all day and watch tv series. That’s how life’s supposed to be man.

So yesterday I cleaned my make up table and I thought I’d show you what I have in my Ikea 3 drawer-table. 
On the left side is ofcourse the pretty table lamp my mom made for me, perfumes that Im

currently obsessed with, make up brushes, and the love of my life; babypink Clarisonic Mia2. Oh and my new huge Sephora Sol Del Rio that I just bought. No where else to put it coz its just so… big.

Just look at it.Huge right?! and pretty too. Im obsessed.
On the right side of the table is my Muji drawer, my lipsticks and concealer storage too. Oh and its also the corner where I dry all my brushes and sponge.

Concealer, primers, lipsticks, lipglosses and all that jazz. 
My muji drawer! First one is the home of more of my concealers & foundations! 
Second one is all about the eyes & cheeks!
So when I pull out the first drawer, what you’ll see is more of my powders, blushers, make up bags, and my daily skin care products.

 Second one is filled with face masks, perfumes, body & hair products! And other miscellaneous stuff.

Lastly, the third drawer, filled with a bag of nail polish (the grey one), a box of accessories, boxes of my iPhone, watch, wallet, Clarisonic, cutest Polaroid camera, and my toiletries bag for travelling which I got from Soap&Glory.

So thats a brief “tour” or whatever you wanna call it of my beauty table. Xx

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