Review: Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Enhancer SX04

A cult beauty product which is in my opinion completely worth the hype if not being raved about enough. One thing about me, I always always always love trying out new concealers more than any other make up products. So when I saw Pixiwoo (creators of Real Technique’s makeup brushes) posted this up on their Facebook page saying its one of the BEST concealers they’ve used for a long time I was like O.O what is that i need that. Now.

So naturally I started reading reviews about it, was drawn to it, went on a limb and bought it online at StrawberryNet. This is the first time I chose a color shade of a concealer based on pictures I see online and when it arrived my heart was pounding and I was so relieved that I got the exact shade. Oh magadddds, lucky me!

The Sensual Skin Enhancer sx04 is more to the yellow undertone compared to MAC’s nc20

This little pot is pure magic (Respect the late Kevyn Aucoin for this genius invention, may he
rest in peace)

It can be used as a full coverage foundation, full coverage concealer for under eye area or spots, highlighter, or even a tinted moisturizer when mixed with any moisturizer. It caters to your every need. What else do you want! The level of coverage is entirely up to you and what you’re going for.

Pic from Beautylish

You might think “the product is way too tiny, how can it be used as a full face foundation without finishing it in a couple of weeks?!” Right. I thought that too until i swatched it on my hand.

This tiny amount is enough to cover your whole chin area

Believe me you can use it as a full face foundation and won’t be done with the whole pot as fast as you think you would coz this thing is so opaque and pigmented that I truly have never used or come across anything like it. A little definitely goes a super long way. It also stays on allllll day and does not move or fade away. I cannot get enough. Feel like going to the factory and see how it’s made. haha

It has a scent though that I’m not really a big fan of but nothing too offensive. So far, it hasn’t broken me out thank god. Given the scent o.o


You really need a couple of days to get used to this and to know the exact amount you need coz too much can turn your face into a wedding cake. You can use your fingers, a damp sponge for concealing or a brush for covering the whole face.

For me, this works best with my Beauty Blender coz I personally prefer this as an undereye concealer and spot concealing. A tiny tiny bit covers up my hyper pigmentation and dark circle like crazy. Its really unbelievable. As far as the undereye concealing goes, it does not crease after setting it with powder.


The price tag is a little hefty – RM157.50 but it will last you forever I promise. You might go through 10 of your normal concealers and this will still be half full. No joke kay! I highly recommend this product  and I give it 5 stars!

I have a Luxola Giftcard for you with a promo code to get $20 Singapore dollars off your purchase. T&C apply. It can only be used only once so hurry if you wanna splurge on beauty products & tools! Xx


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