July Favorites Part 2 – Skincare

Okayyyy now onto skin care! These products does not cause my skin any breakouts or irritation. It suits my skin type which is dry/combination (this is legit according to a skin test at Keihl’s lol). Everyone’s skin is different so it might not suit you but i thought of sharing them anyways hoping that you’ll find this helpful so read on if you’re interested! 🙂


I go into phases in life where I’ll love cleansing waters for a couple of months then I get sick of it and move on to the next thing. So for now im all about cleansing oils. This cleansing oil will not sting your eyes whatsoever and it really breaks down the day’s makeup. It’s a little thick in consistency compared to my Bobbi Brown cleansing oil but that one a tad stingy to the eyes. This works just as well and is half the price of the Bobbi Brown’s.



Got super psyched when Sephora brought this in and at first I wasn’t loving it that much coz its not a type of cleanser that complements my beloved Clarisonic Mia2 just coz it’s a little
too runny. But slowly it grew on me when I started using this in the morning without the Clarisonic. I really feel like it deep cleanses my face and does what it says which is remove excess oil, unclog pores & purifies the skin. I highly recommend.  


Recently got it coz I got bored of using my witch hazel astringent for like 6 months straight or more… and I love this right away! I spray it on my face after cleansing, pat it a little and leave it to dry. Its really moisturizing and just feels soooooo good and fancy just spraying it here and there haha. Also wakes my skin up early in the morning before work. If you want it to work as a normal toner, you can spray it on a cotton pad and wipe around your face.


I heard good things about this so just had to jump onto the Clinique bandwagon hahah. They sell the miniature version of this at Sephora’s counters for RM50 so I thought why not just get the tiny one first coz who knows my skin might just freak the f out and break the f out if it decides to hate this. Haha wouldn’t wanna waste the cash. i like spending my money but i don’t like wasting it. there’s a difference there. haha. But my skin, it did not hate this, infact its falling in love with it, truly madly deeply. My skin feels sooo smooth upon applying this and Ive used it both for day & night time and I personally prefer it for day time use coz of the gel consistency. Its not oily whatsoever and it sinks in great and sits so well under make up. No offensive fragrance too. Thumbs up!


It was a def sad day when I ran out of my Murad Clarifying Mask which was 180 bucks so ofcourse I needed to get a new clay mask. Cant live without these guys. Heard massive raves bout the origins one and yes you guys.. the rave is real. This thing is bangin! It dries real tight if you know what I mean. Not that easy to wash off compared to the Murad one but nothing I can’t handle. Also I love it as an overnight spot treatment as it does significantly reduce the size of my zit the next day. When using clay masks, make sure you drink tons of water and get a good hydrating moisturizer to restore the moisture of your skin.

Bliss Micro Magic Spa-Powered Microdermabrasion Treatment, RM163

Yes this is supposed to make u feel like you’ve pampered yourself at a spa right from your own bathroom and hell yehhh it does. The fancy name and all ya’ll…but this is basically an exfoliator/face scrub that I hold close to my dear heart hahahah. The grains are sooooo fine and tiny, its super gentle on the skin. Smells like Colgate but leaves my skin baby soft and preps it for the serums and all that jazzzz. I all for this and not to mention, scrubbing is important in your cleansing routine to get rid of dead skin cells that blocks the pores and you need to atleast do it twice a week. I reccomend this.


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