Best Drugstore Foundation!

Okay so the picture kinda gave away what this post it about but still! One of the best feeling is to find a good drugstore product which is affordable and performs waaaay better than expensive high ends one. Happy to report that I’ve discovered a goodie guys and it’s the Loreal True Match Foundation. Yes I still love the Revlon Colorstay too but if you’re looking for one with a more dewy finish, then this Loreal one’s better for you!

I bought it almost 3 months back and I initially completely hated it coz it turned my face into an oil slick by the end of the day and I was horrified. I mean I do get oily after a whole day of work but this was a little too much to handle. It could have been the moisturizer I used underneath, the powder I used to set it or just my skin condition, I cant recall but I used it once and was afraid of it ever since but did not throw it away.
Recently, my face has been more stable in terms of the oil production and whatnot most prolly coz I changed up my skin care routine a little bit and that has helped a lot. So last week I started using this again coz I just cant accept the fact that SO many people love this while I sit there in a corner hating it ahaha.
I changed what I use underneath this foundation (moisturizer brand) and also the setting powder which is the Revlon Colorstay pressed powder. And I was completely blown away with the lasting power and the finish it gives which was ENTIRELY the opposite from the first try. I got the healthy glow to my skin which was preeeetty and this did not turn me into a grease ball whatsoever, instead, it lasted the whole day and im SO beyond HAPPY!!! Wahahaha finally.
Pro’s of Loreal True Match in my opinion:
  • Not a matte finish so you won’t look all flat when your skin is going through rough days. You will still have the healthy “glow”
  • Its definitely a build-able coverage and very blend-able as well. I use my Sigma F82 brush and it spreads like a dream.
  • The coverage is medium to full depending on the application method and also the number of layers you use 
  • Does not dry up superrrr fast and won’t get patchy so you can take your time working with it
  • It doesn’t feel heavy on the face and does not look like you slap a ton of cement on your face haha
  • The color selection is pretty good and it’s sold in Watson’s & Guardian so you can get your hands on it easily! 
  • Affordable! It’s less than RM60 (don’t remember the exact price, but around RM50-ish)
  • Does not cling onto dry patches but ofcoz you need to moisturize
  • Does not break me out!
All in all I am insanely in love with this one and I highly recommend coz it’s a keeper! Xx

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