Review: Stila In The Know Palette

I was on the search for a new eye shadow palette coz I got pretty bored of my Urban Decay Naked2 that I’ve had for 2 years now. Then recently I got an email from Sephora on their “Merdeka Sale” and the Stila In the Light Palette was one of those items that were on sale. So totally psyched I was!

But when I was at Sephora sunway Pyramid I didnt see Stila in the Light palette and instead, I saw the Stila In the Know Palette which was filled with gorgeous MATTE shades (I personally prefer matte finish eye shadows) and there was only one left on the rack lucky me!

Stila In the Light Palette – shimmery nude tones


The product


Stila In The Know Palette has 10 matte shades and it also includes a Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner in Halfmoon, which is basically a grey eye liner, no complains coz  I can make a grey eye liner work any day compared to other funky colors like.. purple? haha. The quality of the eye shadows are so incredible way above my expectation and I prefer this to my highly raved Urban Decay Naked2 palette. They are so highly pigmented and blend-able you only need a tiny bit coz its so opaque. The eye liner is gorgeous to say the least, both the color pay off and the quality.

All 10 shades of the eye shadows and the eyeliner on top

That was just one swatch and that's how highly pigmented it is.

That was just one swatch and that’s how highly pigmented it is.

The price

You cannot believe how much i got this palette for. The original price of this is RM126 and it was at 57% off so I got it at only RM54! Oh my god! I just cant contain myself… and still cant get over the fact that i got the last one hahah. So now that the promotion’s over, is it worth it to pay full price for this palette? Absolutely YES!

I love all the colors on the palette but my personal fav is the shade FIRE which is on my lids in this picture.

10606042_10204197515198624_3900564304561567887_nSo that’s it guys! Im very happy with this buy and i’ll continue using this and only this! Thanks for reading, love you 🙂 xx


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