Bioderma is NOW in Malaysia!

I may not be the firstttt person to notice that it’s finally here but I thought of sharing with chu guys! My heart dropped when I walked into Guardian in 1Utama and saw Bioderma products staring back at me on the rack! haha. I was super psyched elated stoked excited and whatnot coz it’s a major deal since its SO hard to get my hands on this baby! In case some of you are not familiar with this brand, Bioderma is a skincare brand from France that’s famous for their highly raved make up remover water. I’ve used the one for sensitive skin and I swear by it.

photo (1)

I first got mine from Singapore a year ago coz obviously at that time they didnt have it here in Malaysia. I’ve gone through two bottles of it and due to the accessibility issue, I decided to try out other make up removers and nothing could ever compare coz using Bioderma Micelle Solution is like using plain water to remove make up in a good way coz it has no scent and it removes even waterproof eye make up without stinging your eyes.

It is a bit on the pricey side but it’s worth the price in my opinion. I dont know if all Guardians carry this coz I’ve only seen them in 1Utama’s Guardian, so go try it if you see it!

Thanks for reading loves xx


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