My Top YouTube Channels!

YouTube is like my TV. I all hail YouTube, I have never gone a day without going on YouTube. I watch YouTube so much and I think everyone else should too hahah. Of course for me, beauty related videos are the only ones im obsessed with to the extend that I feel like I know some of the YouTubers personally wahaha. dream on

I’m here today to share with you some of the greatest beauty channels on YouTube that I’m subscribed to and overly obsessed with so that you can fill in your free time when you’re getting ready, or just simply when you’re in an awkward situation and have your phone with you just go on YouTube and you’ll be sucked in and won’t feel so awkward anymore hahaha.

These are in no particular order I love them all equally! I’ll link each name so you can click on the links below to be directed to their pages!

1. Jaclyn Hill – She is so hyper in a good way and I wish I could put on makeup like her but then again she’s a professional makeup artist and im not haha

2. Kathleen Lights – She’s as real as it gets. She has the best skin without make up!

3. Lauren Custis – The prettiest and only Australian that I follow. She’s the cutest when she chuckles. I wanna marry her

4. Essie Button – One of my long time love super addictive

5. Amelia Liana – Her Briii-ishh slang is sexay. I love her taste in things

6. Youngwildandpolished – The funniest of the lot. Her bloopers at the end of her videos are just hilarious

7. Grav3yardgirl – I love her. So weird but I love her.

8. Gossmakeupartist – He’s the only guy. His videos are short and straight to the point

9. Kandee Johnson – One hell of a hot mama. Her voice though.. ❤

10. Shaaanxo – She uploads videos so frequently and her accent so cute I likey

11. Zoella – Just watch her videos ok?

12. Icovetthee – Simple and nice

13. Itsjudytime – Love it the most when she try out new foundations those vids are legit!

14. Makeupgeek – i just ordered her blush online :p

15. Missglamorazzi – Ingrid! what’s not to love?

16. RAEview – If you love high end products, this one’s right up your alley!

17. Coffeebreakwithdani – Genuine and always so happy

18. Tati – Her voice is just so calming it’s a little therapeutic

19. Claire Marshall (heyclaire) – Too cool ❤

20. Nicole Guerierro – Her makeup collection though..

21. Amodelrecommends – So you wanna hear thoughts from a model? here’s a good one.

22. Viviannadoesmakeup – Suhweet.



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