Review: The Z palette!

Heyya babes

When I travel, I find that my makeup bag is kinda like the biggest and heaviest thing on earth. So I came up with a genius idea to finally get myself a Z palette haha. For those who don’t know what it is, a Z palette is a magnetic make up palette that you can customize to meet your own needs. And you know how some make ups are sold separately from its casing and the casing is so damn expensive and unnecessary? Yea you can skip the casing and just put that baby in a Z palette.

I got mine from for Rm50. Gotta say it’s my first time shopping with them and they provide pretty good and fast service I luvvit so thanks guys!

If you’re wondering how it works, the palette usually comes with round metal stickers that will help stick your make up onto the palette or if you’re lucky, some of the makeups are already magnetic and it will just automatically stick onto the palette without the metal stickers.

Anywayy, now I have a customized Z palette with a Powder, Bronzer, Blush, Highlight, Eye shadows and eye brow powder, that’s basically my whole face in one palette except for like concealers and foundation. It’s so light and handy I cant wait to like travel with it and feel proud of myself for being such a light packer HAHAA.

photo 1If you’re interested, you can get your Z palettes at



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