Why I blog? Why Bellabae.net?

I’ve always loved beauty products from way back when but just a year ago I really got into it and went borderline obsessed with it haha. Came to a point where I realize writing about beauty stuff brings all dat positive vibes that I need in my life. Its an outlet where I go and get lost in my own thoughts and it’s therapeutic because nothing makes me happier than reading, watching, and writing stuff that are beauty related.

My obsession is a little major to the point that it can be unhealthy to certain people even my parents hahah. But I think it’s important to have something that you’re passionate about, in life. Something (not someone) that you think about from the moment you wake up till you go to sleep and sometimes even when you’re sleeping? O.o. And yes most of my dreams has something to do with Sephora or make ups that I can’t buy in Malaysia. haha I wish I could control my subconscious mind but she’s a tad too wild….

So..back to reality, if you’re wondering whether my life revolves only around make up and skin care products? Nope.. I really wish it did but no. I do have a full time job which I kinda like but don’t exactly love.. yet. But I still go to work everyday to earn my own money coz there’s nothing in this world compared to that feeling of independence. Nothing like being able to spend your own money on stuff that you like and not having to explain why or beg for it from anyone. Also, I kinda love TOO many things and i dont expect anyone to accommodate or understand my needs anyway hahaha.

I cannot imagine going through life everyday with just my regular 9-5 job to look forward to and nothing else because I need something more to feel happy in life and my blog is my happy place. It fills in the void. Okay that’s too deep I’ll stop right there. Xx

What about you? What makes you happy? 🙂


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