Review: E.V.E All in 1 Bar + FREE soap for you!

Something bout me, I love trying out new skincare stuff coz no matter how good my skincare regime is I always wonder what if there’s something better out there and I’m missing out???? NO that cannot happen! So I’m all for trying out new stuff.

I’m sure you guys have heard about the bar soaps for the face which are supposed to be all in 1? Most of them comes without proper ingredients listed so I was always a little skeptical when it comes to trying those out coz my skin is pretty sensitive and I don’t really wanna mess it up.

I was pretty excited when I saw E.V.E All in 1 Bar came in the mail coz I’ve always wanted to try one of these all in 1 bars.



The best best part of this is that it has no parabens, no fragrance and it isn’t tested on animals! I was sold when I saw that. They’re formulated with Austrian Deep Moor, PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, Aloe Vera, Virgin Coconut Oil, Ionic Colloidal Silver, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & Algae Extract which are superrr good for our skin!


The scent of this soap is not at all offensive and for me I don’t care what the product smells like coz if it works imma slather it all over ma face! haha. It foams up really well and I kinda expect it to dry my skin out but it didn’t. It makes my skin feel super clean and soft.IMG_2761


I tested this product for about a week and the results was pretty decent. Everyone’s skin is different and can tolerate different kind of products. When it comes to finding the right regimen for your skin, it takes time and some trial and error. I’m kinda glad my skin reacted positively towards this soap.

So are you ready for some good news? If you’re curious to try this product out here’s your chance.

E.V.E were kind enough to give  my readers a chance to try out one of this bar that costs RM69 for FREE. All you need to pay is the shipping fee of Rm10.

1. Go to their website

2. Add the E.V.E All in 1 Bar into your cart

3. Enter the code BELLABAE at checkout


4. And that’s it! The soap will be shipped to your address for only RM10!

Hurry and redeem your free E.V.E All in 1 Bar Soap before 18 October 2014. I hope your skin will enjoy it as much as mine did! Xx


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