Review: MAC Fix +


What is this spray you ask? According to MAC this is..

“A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps create an even surface for a smooth makeup application”.

I finally caved and got this last month after so long coz I was superrrrrrrr hesitant given my bad history with MAC products in the past. I asked the MAC makeup artist to spray it on my face in the store and I walked around the mall for like an hour to see how it was and when I looked in the mirror I was pleased to say the least so I grabbed it. It was RM85

Things that you can use it for:

  • To prime your face before makeup
  • To set your makeup
  • To freshen your face up throughout the day (great for dry skin)
  • To intensify eye shadows color payoff by spraying this on your makeup brush before dipping into the shadows

This is the second setting spray I’ve tried. The first one was Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and that’s purely to extend the longevity of your makeup. MAC Fix + on the other hand is somewhat different in a positive way. I’ll try my best to explain this in words bear with me.. haha

If you have normal to dry skin, you should know the part after you’re done with your makeup and there’s that “powdery look” on your face. Then after an hour or so, the makeup truly blends in with the natural oil on your face and looks way better than when you first applied it? That’s what this spray does. It instantly takes the powdery look off your face and make your it dewy and very healthy looking. It really depends on how much you spray on coz it can look a little oily so it’s important to go in with a light hand.

I was so relieved that this did not break me out coz I really love it and do not wanna stop using it! It’s a great setting spray and yes, it helps my makeup to last a little longer than usual too. I spray it all over my face only after i’m done with my makeup and I do not top it up at all during the day coz this country is humid yo. I recommend this spray but I suggest that you try it out first at any MAC store and walk a round a bit to see how you like it. My sis fell in love with mine and got one for herself too.

If you’re interested to see how I use it, check out this video 3:55-

Thanks for reading guys! xx


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