Event: ‘The Best of You’ Life Exhibition Blogger Meet and Greet Engagement

Hi guys! We’re doing things a little different here. Not so beauty related but I hope you enjoy this post nonetheless? So last night I was invited to the The Best of You Life Exhibition Blogger Meet and Greet Engagement at the Curve and I took Belinda with me.


This event is presented by Julie’s (the biscuit brand yummerz) and I must admit its not one of those boring long speeches kinda events which I would have dreaded and on the contrary I actually enjoyed it, a lot. There were sharing sessions, fun games and stuff that makes you engage with other people which is something that I don’t necessarily like to do (totally outta my comfort zone) but thank god I have my sidekick Belinda with me and we had a great time running around solving clues :p

There were also tons of artwork and inspiring real life stories that was shared at the exhibition that somehow relates to our everyday life. So the question of the night was.. “Who is the best of you?” and ofcourse my parents is the best of me, my family, my friends but when it was my turn to answer I blurted out “My nephew and niece are the best of me. They taught me patience.”


I understood the point of this whole thing in the end. It makes you stop and really think about  life, which we often forget to do coz we are so busy earning a living and go day by day with our routine that we don’t remember to ask ourselves what and who brings out the best of us?

If you’re interested to have a look at the exhibition you can still do so. It’s at The Curve’s concourse area till 2nd November 2014. Drop by and be inspired. Thanks for reading guys! Xx Time for some pictures :p




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