Review: 2 products that flattens pimple OVERNIGHT!

I’ve been suffering from breakouts for more than 10 years so you can only imagine the amount of products I’ve tried to get rid of them “face demons” as bunny would call it. Some acne products claim to work overnight bla bla and bla but they never do. Never. Atleast for me. On the contrary, some even burnt my skin, some aggravated it and made it a freakin nightmare! I understand the stress of feeling a bump comin up on the skin especially when you have like a big event going on the next day and you know zits don’t go away that fast. So imagine my excitement when I FINALLY found a skincare duo that literally flattened my zit overnight.  I have tried it on 2 different kinds of zits, the under the skin one and the one that has already popped. Sorry for being gross but I had to put it out there coz the ones that are under the skin are usually impossible to get rid of. IMG_5034 Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. Glycolic acid gently exfoliates the skin and also helps accelerate skin cell turnover. That means you get new skin wayyy faster than you usually would, and wounds heal a lot quicker too so obviously this helped my skin a ton. Being an alcohol-free toner with aloe vera, this does not strip my skin at all and its actually kinda moisturizing. I have been loving this toner coz the results are amazing, it makes my skin sooooo soft, shrinked my pores and got rid of my blackheads too. I dont know why they dont sell this along with other Mario Badescu products in Sephora Malaysia so I got mine at  IMG_5032 Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix is key to the whole thing. I received this as a deluxe sample from my purchase at Sephora’s online store (U.S) and coincidentally I had a massive under the skin monster zit comin up that day. I applied this just to try it out without expecting anything great coz you know.. being immune to acne products and their over the top “claims” and all. The next morning I was washing my face and my jaw literally dropped when I couldn’t feel the pimple, let alone see it!! Following day, I had one that popped and I applied this again. Surprise surprise, it disappeared too! Im telling you this thing is magic and I am ever so grateful to have found this! UntitledIt contains Benzoyl Peroxide (3.5%) but it did not leave a burn mark on my skin unlike OXY spot treatments omg those are insane. I didn’t even know that it claims to work within 1 day when I first tried it and Im here to vouch for that claim. Way to go Murad for claiming what’s true about this awesome stuff! If you’re sick of topical treatments that don’t work, and if you can get your hands on these 2 items, I highly urge you to try it. That feeling of finally finding something that truly works, AMAZEBALLZZZ.

Thanks for reading my loves xx



4 thoughts on “Review: 2 products that flattens pimple OVERNIGHT!

  1. cindy tong

    wow now u make me wanna buy this…my blackhead is terrible…this toner alone will help blackhead??? this mario brands is in sephora msia? btw nice blog you have there..nice to blog-meet u! you can also visit me at


    1. bellabae Post author

      Yes this toner is the most effective toner I’ve used in a while. Some find it harsh and drying but it works so well for my skin! Hope it works for you if you do get it :))) and thank u! will sure visit your site xx


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