Review: NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

Say hello to the most beautiful cheek palette ever (to me atleast). The moment I laid eyes on the NARS Virtual Domination Limited Edition Cheek Palette, I just knew I had to have it mainly coz they included a decent size of their best selling cult following Laguna Bronzer. I’m not certain whether it’s out in Malaysia just yet or whether or not they’ll bring it in, but I got mine from America coz I want it bad and I want it now haha.

NARS cheek products aren’t exactly cheap, one blush on its own costs RM120. This palette retails for $65 usd (Rm218) and you get 5 cheek products inside! Say whaaaaaaaat? The actual value of this palette is Rm505 so you definitely get a bang for your buck.

The palette

IMG_5384The packaging didn’t throw me off thank god coz its not their regular NARS black rubbery packaging that gets dirty so easily if you know what I mean. It’s real sturdy, comes with a legit big mirror and the design is just gorge. Inside you get 1 Laguna Bronzing Powder, 1 Deep Throat Blush,1 Sex Fantasy Blush, 1 Final Cut Blush and 1 Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush. 


IMG_5387I have never tried any of NARS’s cheek products prior to this and the pigmentation of these babies are impressive. It goes on really nice on the cheeks. I mean whaddaya expect? Its freakin NARS :p All in all I’m really glad that I decided to get this because I love all the products inside the palette and I give it a massive 2 thumbs up!

Will you get this palette? Thanks for reading guys xx



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