Review: Shopping experience with ComGateway

Some of you were really interested to know more about this service I used on my recent Sephora U.S haul so I thought I’ll give you and in depth review here to answer all your questions.

The feeling of wanting something but having absolutely no way to get your hands on them is horrid. If you’re familiar with international beauty brands you’ll know that what we have here in Malaysia is pretty limited and that stresses me out immensely no joke haha. I wanted stuff from Sephora USA but they do not ship to Malaysia so I began my research and found out about ComGateway.  Basically what they do is:

  1. comgatewayProvide you with an American Address and phone number
  2. You make your purchases online to be sent to that address in America
  3. From there, you can ship your parcels to your home here in Malaysia

My Experience

I went out on a limb here  coz what I bought wasnt exactly cheap for a first try and of course I was a bit skeptical! I mean what if they don’t deliver my stuff to me?! But I tried it anyway coz they seemed kinda legit.


So my first purchase was the Sephora Favorites Superstars Collection $75 usd. I wanted this so bad coz they only have it once a year and this time around almost EVERYTHING inside the box was something that I needed. It was the main reason I created an account with ComGateway.

The process

It took 4 days for that parcel to be delivered. Once it’s delivered, ComGateway notified me via email and informed me  that the nail polish and roller ball perfume included in the box were prohibited items so they gave me a few options and since I couldn’t return them or send them to another American address, I opted to discard them, bummer. Broke my heart a little bit but it was all on me coz I didn’t see their prohibited items list before I ordered. They were really helpful with the whole process. Once everything was cleared, the item was sent to my U.S address 4 days later and they provided a scanned copy of the invoice purchase that came with the parcel. mm impressed.

So me being me, of course I didn’t stop there. I went right ahead with my second purchase from Sephora which was the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette $65 usd . Same as before, my parcel arrived at my U.S address 4 days later, this time without any complications and a scanned copy of my invoice was provided.

Since ComGateway provides 30-days FREE storage, you can purchase things from different websites or on different days and wait for all your parcels to arrive there and before you ship it to Malaysia or anywhere you are to save cost on shipping. So my sister made a third and last purchase from Sephora after that and we were good to go!

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost is calculated by volumetric weight which means even if your actual parcel weight is 1kg but the box is big, the shipping fee might be calculated as 3-4 kg based on the size of your package. So consider that before calculating estimated shipping fee. So all 3 boxes came up to 5.5kg and as for the shipping fees, I chose express delivery by DHL so it was an extra $10 I guess. My total shipping fee was $72 usd but I looked for discount codes online so the final total cost was $58 usd. YAY. Considering the size of the parcels I have no complain whatsoever on the shipping fee coz my sister bought products directly from Perricone MD’s website in one tiny box and they charged her $50usd flat rate and it took 3 weeks to reach here.

Delivery Process


The tracking service that was provided was super efficient and I was very well assured that my parcels will arrive to me safely. It arrived exactly on the estimated delivery date which was 6 days later and everything was in perfect condition.


All in all, despite reading some bad reviews about this service site, I am very impressed with my first shopping experience with ComGateway and I will be sure to use them again the next time around!

To get started and start shopping all the way from America, click on the picture below!


Thanks for reading guys xx




21 thoughts on “Review: Shopping experience with ComGateway

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  2. Angela L

    😦 i feel sad, cause i can’t ship cosmetics to miri T_T
    i only bought 2 blush from MAC USA using comgateway too, i received a warning letter in my parcel as they opened my parcel to check stating it is an offence to import cosmetics T___T


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  5. Farisha Nadia

    Hi, Thanks for this write up, it is very helpful. I’m planing on doing some US online shopping on my own, however, I’ve received advice to keep my parcels under RM 500 to avoid customs duties/tax or even complications at customs. Did you have this experience? I’m planing to do a lot of shopping too and I’m afraid they might get confiscated.


    1. bellabae Post author

      I’m not so sure on that. Because each time I make a purchase, it doesn’t surpass 500 bucks 🙂 maybe you can try to email their customer service. They’re very helpful. xx


  6. Mizz Lyana

    Hi, thanks for the info. I just want to ask you, how long does it take for comgateway to notify us when our item has arrived at their warehouse? I ordered something from Sephora, and from the tracking it has been delivered, but theres’s no notification yet from comgateway.


  7. ai

    Hello just wanna ask you, did you consolidate all of your item in one shipment Or did you send them separately? Since the cost of all boxes plus shipment exceeded Rm 500? I have five boxes now in comgateway worth less than USD 50 per box so if i consolidate them my shipping cost would be lower but I might be taxed. If i send them separately I might have to bear more than USD 100 for all shipment T_T


    1. bellabae Post author

      Hi. For me the first time I had a couple of boxes and I sent them just as they are on the same day. I’m not so sure on the tax and stuff 😦 maybe you can try asking their customer service. They’re very helpful 🙂 xx


    2. Anonymous

      Hie Ai,

      I’m facing the same problem as you now. Mind to share with me in the end did you consolidate all of them? If yes, did the custom tax you on that?



  8. Faz

    Hi. Thanks for the write up. Very informative.

    I’m trying to buy an iPhone lightning cable from Amazon. However they do not ship to Malaysia. I found out services such as ComGateWay. The cable+box will be 1.6 ounces. Will they round it up to 1kg or bigger?

    If I look at your shipping cost, it is USD13.1/kg based from the 5.5kg at a cost of USD72. So I’m hoping mine will be work out that way, only USD13.1 🙂 Or is that a wrong way to look at it?

    Btw, have you tried other services after that? I’ve found a few others but haven’t checked if there are any reviews by Malaysians yet.


    1. bellabae Post author

      Hi thanks for reading Faz. I cant comfirm with you on this one because it’s pretty tricky and not definite. Its best if you contact them directly and ask for the confirmation. They’re very helpful and no I’ve not tried any other services like this one 🙂 xx


  9. Fha

    Hye bella, want to ask about ordering at sephora. Why my status order ‘unsuccessful authorized’ ? I put address that was given by comgateway. How you manage to get order from sephora. Help me 😭😭


  10. yanny

    hi! may I know how comgateway splits the bills if I choose to consolidate all my 4 packages? im trying to avoid being taxed by having less than 100USD declared item for each package. is that going to work?



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