Event: IDO’s Clinic Bloggers’ Party

Hi guys! How’s your weekend goinnnn?

Mine kicked off to a great start. I was invited to a bloggers’ party yesterday at IDO’s Clinic, a Skin, Laser and Aesthetics Medical Clinic chains that focus on non-to minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. Was pretty psyched coz I was always curious bout laser treatments and what they do to the skin and also aesthetics treatments! I mean, a nose job without having to be cut into just sounds perfect, no? haha..




The party was held at their Setiawalk, Puchong branch. Started off with a treasure hunt game to find products or treatment vouchers and you get to keep what you find so we went hysterical and worked real hard haha and I was very happy with what I got!

A very interesting in depth and highly educational talk was then given by their Medical Director, Dr. Lucas Chia on skin lasers and aesthetics procedures, my FAV topic so my attention was undivided! Boy was I wrong about botox all these while… now he makes me wanna try it :p



Onto the moment that I’ve been waiting for. Live demonstration of two different procedures! We were lucky enough to be able to experience it first hand. The laser treatment demo was alright and I got to try it on my hand (the feeling of it wasn’t exactly my favorite hahaha).



The filler jab into the nose was pretty intense but the results were amazinggggg. Just a 5 minutes procedure but the difference it makes! Sorry I didn’t really get to take a proper before & after pics. Dr Chia performed the nose filler procedure himself and I can tell that he reallyyyy knows his way around it, coz it was real quick and he made it look so easy and as painless as it can be coz there wasn’t any screaming or crying involved hahaha.


Everyone at IDO’s Clinic were extremely helpful and approachable and I felt comfortable there. The highlight of my day was when one of the girls working there complimented me on my skin. Say whatttttttttttt? I never ever got that in my life coz of my battle with acne so its huge for me. All in all, I had a splendid time and I came out of IDO’s Clinic knowing so much more about “Beauty Without Knife” which is my kind of beauty coz there’s no way I’m gonna let anyone cut my face up. So will I ever lose my aesthetics treatment virginity? Yeah maybe we’ll see 😉

DR Chia & I.

IMG_5836 (1)

Me, Gwen, & Belinda




So that’s a wrap! Thanks again IDO’s Clinic for having me and for the generous $1k plus worth of treatment vouchers that I’ll definitely undoubtedly use! I’ll post an update on my treatments there soon.

For more info CLICK: IDO’s Clinic’s Facebook Page

Have a great Sunday everyone xx



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