Review: Liese Bubble Hair Color in Natural Black

Wasn’t planning on doing a review on this so I threw all the packaging away but I thought of sharing with you guys this amazing black hair dye. I usually prefer to color my hair at home coz I honestly dread sitting for hours at a hair salon, it makes me restless. Is anybody with me on this? lol

So one day (last 2 weeks) I woke up hating what used to be my dark brown, turned into super light brown hair. It looked rotten and just disgusting and I was over it. I dont necessarily have the greatest experience in the past with black hair dye. Once, I dyed my hair black with some cream hair dye and I cried right away after washing it off coz it looked sooo bad like a cheap wig haha. So it took me a while to choose and decided to go with the Liese Bubble Hair Color in Natural Black.



I’m sure most of you must have seen or tried this brand before coz it’s been around for quite a while, I personally have tried 3 of their lighter colors. The one thing I love bout this hair dye is that its super convenient to use and it’s definitely fool proof coz.. who doesn’t know how to shampoo their hair? haha. All you have to do it mix in the 2 solutions given, shampoo it on your hair and let it sit for about half an hour. no fuss, no hassle and no way of having uneven colored hair which usually happens with cream hair dyes. You can read more on the instructions here.

During the whole process, I had no allergic reaction to the Liese Bubble Hair Color or any burning sensation on the scalp whatsoever. I was very very pleased after washing it off coz the color came out exactly like how I wanted it to be! Black but natural.. yeah exactly what the name suggested haha. Didn’t look stiff like a wig. LOL.

Under the sun it looks really natural



My hair isn’t damaged after using it, in fact it feels softer and looks healthier than before. Eventhough it’s black, it was real easy to wash off and there wasnt any color transfer on my white towel or white pillowcase that night. All in all, I highly recommend trying this if you plan on going full on black with that hair of yours.

I got it for RM32.90 at Watsons. To check out their complete color selections click here.

Thanks for reading guys! xx


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