It’s the Holiday season! A reason to shop!

I’ve been feeling incredibly sick and there was a lot of vomiting, crying of agony, sleeping and resting going on for the past week but on a brighter note it’s the holiday season which only means one thing, a reason to shop for beautiful gift sets!

You’ve been working so hard for the past 11 months and now it’s time to reward yourself with stuff that you’ve always wanted and also getting Christmas gifts for people who have been nice to you this year. Atleast that’s what I’ve been telling myself haha.

There are a ton of amazing websites to shop from in America be it for clothes, shoes, accessories and of course beauty products but most of them don’t deliver to Malaysia…bummer. But fret not! I’ve found a way that you can shop from almost ALL of the websites in the United States and get it delivered to your doorstep here in Malaysia. You can read about my full shopping experience with ComGateway (CLICK – here)!

Here are some of the beauty websites that I usually go to but of course there are more!

For drugstore beauty products, you can shop at


For high end beauty products you can go to:



And ofcourse!4 2

So whatchu waiting for? Go ahead and splurge! To start an account with ComGateway, just click on the ComGateway picture below! Have fun and happy holiday loves! xx




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