Review: Beauty Blender Pro, is it worth the hype?

If you play with liquid/cream makeup a ton like I do, you’ll know the struggle of getting the perfect finish that you want and avoiding streaked application. I went through that frustration for years till I found this thing. Beauty Blender is raved by a ton of makeup artist, YouTubers and beauty bloggers. Initially I thought, hmm almost 100 bucks for a makeup sponge? thats craaaaaay. But in the end, I fell into the hype as usual and got one for myself. hahaha. (pink one is my mom’s)

For those who aren’t familiar with what this egg-lookin thing is, its a makeup applicator which is best to be used damp. When it’s dry, the size decreases a little and it hardens but when you wet it before application, it gets bigger and softer and like… empty/hollow?? It’s not one of those sponge which are dense and hard you know? I hope you get what I’m tryna say by lookin at this photo haha.


I gravitated towards it the second I found out that it can be washed  after each use and that means germ-free daily makeup application! You can use baby soap to wash this but I use their Solid Cleanser coz it cleans so well and doesn’t leave any residue on the sponge.


Application of foundation

I fell completely in love the moment this thing touched my face which was early this year. I’m telling you. There’s a reason why this is so  darn expensive and the only way for you to understand why is if you try it. There was no marks/streaks/lines when spreading the foundation across my face. It gives the most perfect finish and my makeup looks incredibly smooth. I never thought makeup could look so good on my skin haha. On top of that, it speeds up my makeup application process and saves my time getting ready in the morning. I also feel that somehow, I tend to use a lot less foundation when I use my Beauty Blender.

Application of liquid and stick concealers

If foundation’s not enough, this Beauty Blender blend concealers like a friggin dream too! Most probably because it is used damp and not dry, it takes away all the excess concealers especially under the eyes where concealers tend to gather and get caked up the most leaving you looking naturale but.. better hehe. Also the shape of this sponge makes it super easy to get in those difficult to reach areas like the inner corner of the eyes and the sides of the nose. I cannotttt stress enough on how good this sponge is. Plus points everywhere.

Why you need this in your life?

Before I found the Beauty Blender, I’ve been applying my makeup with those white disposable triangle makeup sponges and not only those are kinda unsanitary, it’s also a waste of money in the long run. Im gonna just put it out there: this Beauty Blender is life changing man. All you have to know that it’s the best creation in the makeup applicator department and it is definitely worth the price. It will make your makeup application easier, it will not collect germs and bacteria so you won’t get breakouts from dirty makeup applicators. And of course, it gives the most beautiful finish to the skin.

I have been using mine for almost a year on a daily basis coz even on days when I apply my foundation with a brush, I will still use this to blend in concealers coz I find that my brushes don’t apply under eye concealers as nicely as the Beauty Blender. The point is, you only need to spend the money once and it lasts a really long time so that’s one way to comfort yourself before splurging on this hehe.

I personally use the Beauty Blender Pro which is the black one and the pink one is my mom’s which is the regular original Beauty Blender. Not sure bout the difference between the two apart from the size (but maybe coz mine’s way older) and the colors but I love my black one. Anything black is good. haha

It’s never too late to jump on the Beauty Blender bandwagon and if you want to, you can get yours at Luxola.

Thanks for reading babes! xx




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