Life: I got robbed!.. well technically

Tuesday December 23rd 2014.

I started my morning as usual. Got ready for work, had breakfast with my mom, said bye to my cat and drove off to work. I entered Sg buloh toll at about 9:15am and went right ahead to the traffic light opposite Sierramas, my usual route. I was the 10th or 12th car in line and the light was red so I waited patiently as I usually would for the past 6 months.

Here’s the thing. I’m downright paranoid coz my parents always warn me about bad things that are happening every day.  So I usually place my handbag in the middle area of my car and secure the handle with my safety belt. I practice that on a daily basis but on the day that I forgot to do that, this happened. The way life works I just cant figure it out.

The light was still red when 2 men on a motorbike came and smashed my passenger’s seat window and grabbed my handbag…all in just a split second (If you notice, I had my makeup bag on the seat coz I was supposed to meet a friend after work but they didn’t reach for that). The moment I saw my handbag flying out the window I snapped and pulled it back with all my strength while screaming at the top of my lungs with no contemplation or fear of consequences. I’m a petite person in size and to get the energy to get into a struggle with a man.. I can’t even…….

We usually ask ourselves what if we were caught in a difficult situation, what would we do. In this case, I would’ve said that I’ll honk my car or turn my steering wheel towards them so they’ll fall or remember their vehicle number or their face but it all comes down to the old saying “it’s easier said than done”. I couldn’t remember or notice anything about them. My reflex actions took over and all I cared about at that moment in time was my handbag.

IMG_7571Cliché to say but luck was with me coz the side of the handle that he was holding came off and I won the war which lasted no more than 10 seconds. They left with only one side of the handbag strap and nothing else. It all happened so fast and by the time it ended, the light turned green.

After the incident I looked around and people were just staring at me. Men to be precise. All men. They just stared right at me and didn’t do anything to help not even honking during the whole tragedy. The just looked and started driving off once the light turned green.  A great bunch of people I was surrounded with, I tell you that.

I then made a u-turn, exited the toll and drove straight home in the rain with the bits and pieces of glass flying to my face. I was shaking uncontrollably especially my legs but I forced myself to drive home with my wobbly knees. I was crying terribly all the way home coz I was in a major shock and pretty heartbroken at my damaged car.

IMG_7570I count my blessing coz things could’ve been worse I know. I could’ve been on the left lane and they could smash my side of the window and I could get seriously injured. They could’ve splashed acid onto my face or slash my hands or something but none of that happened and I consider myself very very lucky. I didn’t lose anything, the only thing that’s damaged is my window and the only thing that’s extremely painful is my shoulder and arm from the struggle with that man. It’s all better now though and I’m safe so that’s all that matters.

IMG_7458But I lost faith in humanity a little that day. Sad to admit, but this sort of incidents happen on a daily basis and I still cannot come to terms that there are people who think that they have a right to simply take the easy way out and just steal other people’s stuff and hard earned money. We are living in the same exact world and if other people can go to work every day why can’t you.  And to those men who just looked at me right in the eyes after the incident but did absolutely nothing to help, you deserve a medal. Now I know that when bad things happen in the real world especially here, you’re all alone.

To everyone out there, just be alert. Times are tough and desperation for cash leads to endless crimes.

Be safe and happy holidays xx



5 thoughts on “Life: I got robbed!.. well technically

  1. Sarah

    Above all, I am glad that you were not seriously injured. Sorry that you had to go through such a traumatic experience. It’s a serious reminder for us ladies out there.

    To those men who stared at you, I hope they will reflect on their actions and learn.

    Hope you will heal fast in body, mind, and soul. I love your blog btw 🙂


  2. ShopGirl

    I’m so sorry this happened to you, Bella but I’m glad it wasn’t more serious! It’s true that it could’ve ended up much worse but I can understand how your peace of mind and faith in others has been shaken. Sadly, this sort of thing is becoming all too common in this world and we can only do our best to protect ourselves the best we can.
    Years ago, my handbag was taken and for months afterwards, I could not bring myself to carry a bag at all. This sort of thing has a way of changing your daily life.
    Peace and hugs and I wish you a fast recovery with your arm.


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