Review: Yogurugen Colon D’tox

Everytime a company approach me to do a review for them, it feels pretty surreal.. really? me? humble ol’ me? hahaha. But nonetheless I feel extremely grateful of course so thank you 🙂

So last year..(last month la okay :p) SASA Malaysia sent me a box of the Yogurugen Colon D’tox (5 sachets) which got me extremely psyched coz I’ve never tried any detox products and if you don’t already know, I love trying out new stuff.


It’s important to detox once in a while because of all the environmental pollution these days, the stress, unhealthy diets, processed food that we can’t stop ourselves from consuming coz its sooooo good right? KFC, McD and all that jazz. Slowly but surely, those things can poison our bodies so it’s good to just detox and let it all out!

What is this thing?


Yogurugen Colon D’tox is an orange flavored detox drink that comes in sachets. I don’t really have anything to compare this to in terms of the severity of the “detox process” if you know what I mean.. but it’s gentle enough to be consumed by kids and even preggers ladies.


All you have to do it just mix the powder with lukewarm water and drink it 2 hours before any solid food intake on an empty stomach. You can then sit back and wait for the magic to happen. Just make sure you have a toilet nearby, okay? don’t say I didnt warn you. haha


  • Detoxification
  • Slimming/weight loss
  • Skin Improvement
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Boost the digestive system
  • Replenish intestinal friendly bacteria

My experience

I will try my best to describe the whole thing without being super gross coz you know it involves the toilet that whole thing >.<

So first off, to just get it outta the way, this drink tastes and smell like mango more than the suggested orange flavor stated on the box. At least to me but its tasty like a mango yogurt drink. It says on the directions to take it for 3 consecutive days for the first treatment so I did exactly that.

First Day

I actually tried it on the same day I received it which was a working day and I took it at 3:30pm. 1 hour later, I can hear the insides of my stomach turning and exploding literally, but not that loud. I was like “wow this thing damn efficient”. Half an hour later, I felt the strongggg urge to go to the toilet so I left the office early and flew back home praying all the way that there won’t be any accident not on the road but in my pants HAHAHA. omg man.

Long story short, I reached home safely and went to the toilet for a good 15-20 minutes the first round. I was amazed to say the least at the “toxins” that was in my petite body for god knows how long eeek. That night itself, I visited the toilet for 4 times. I guess everyone’s body will react differently to this but mine was on a mission to let everything bad outta my system.

It wasn’t at all painful or uncomfortable but quite the opposite really. I slept soundly that night and woke up feeling very “skinny” HAHA. My tummy was a little flatter than usual and not so bloated.

Second & Third Day

The second and third day wasn’t that bizarre anymore coz I got smarter and took it after I got home and the whole experience wasn’t that stressful as day 1. haha. I still rushed to the toilet but only twice and the time I spent in the toilet isn’t nearly as long as the first day.


I think that this product is great for what it does. It tastes good and it works.. almost immediately too! My body felt amazing afterwards, internally. Very relieved, no more bloated tummy and just all around “light”. If you suffer from bloated stomach or constipation, or you just wanna clean your inner parts, I think you should give this a try but then again, everyone will react differently to this sorta stuff but if you do try it, I hope you’ll have a nice experience like me haha.

If you’re interested in detoxing, you can get YOGURUGEN COLON DETOX (5’S) at any SASA outlets in Malaysia for RM68. I think it’s worth it for how it made me feel afterwards and Imma buy another box myself after this.

Thanks for being here with me! xx



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