Brand Focus: NARS Malaysia

So Christine requested me to do another brand focus post on either NARS or Benefit and I had to go with NARS coz I only have 3 things from Benefit and none of them impressed me and on the contrary, NARS blow me away every time. So this one’s for you dear ❤


NARS is one of the best high end makeup brands in my opinion. Its just one of those that you can completely rely on to make you look pretty flawless. So I’ll share with you some of the products I own from NARS. Tried and tested 🙂


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji rm165

This is one of my favorite foundations that I own. I love it to death because firstly, the color matches me spot on. The only foundation I’ve found to match me so perfectly. It’s medium to full coverage and I need very little concealer on top of this foundation. Another reason to why I am crazy over this is because it blends super well with both a brush and beauty blender. It doesn’t take much work or effort AT ALL… at all.

As for the finish, it is definitely not matte but not too dewy to the point that you’ll look like an oily hot mess too. I set my foundations with powder anyway so the finish of foundations doesn’t bother me that much. But throughout the day, it does get a little shinier than my other oil control foundations but a blotting paper fixes that right away. My skin used to be a little more dry previously and this works beautifully back then. But now with my skin a little more oily, I still use this but make sure I have blotting paper with me.

For full shade selections, click here.

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in Fiji rm165

This is my most recent purchase from NARS coz my skin is sooo oily recently I have no idea whyyyyyyyyyyy but its transitioning and it sucks. I’ve only used it a few times so I cant give you an in depth review just yet but in the future I’ll do a comparison post between Sheer Glow & Sheer Matte. As of now, I can say that this doesn’t blend as easy as sheer glow coz it’s matte, it dries quicker so I work in sections of my face and I work it fast haha.  It definitely clings on to dry patches so stay away if you have any.

It keeps me matte waaaay longer than Sheer Glow but that’s kinda like a no brainer. The name says it all. I’m excited to use this more and tell you guys what I think of it.


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard rm100

I have repurchased this and I freakin love it coz it’s everything I want in a concealer and more. I cannot even explain how good it is there is no downside to it except for the price tag. It’s creamy, easy to blend, pigmented, stays on all day even on spots and pigmentation, doesn’t crease when set with powder and it doesn’t break me out! I don’t know man, I think everyone should try this atleast once in their lives. Its an all-rounder where you can use under the eyes and on the face. If you wanna try one thing from NARS and you use concealers, try this. I HIGHLYYYYY recommend. And they have amazing range of shades from the lightest to the darkest. To check out shade selections, click here.


NARS Pressed Powder in Eden rm130+ (cant remember exactly)

This pressed powder definitely keeps you matte. The coverage is light and definitely not cakey. It’s not the finest milled or smoothest powder to the touch but it does the job at setting foundations flawlessly. Im not one to touch up my makeup throughout the day but if I do, I’ll use this coz it wont cake my face up at all. Just a light sweep across the face with a brush and youre done! But if you want more coverage, go in with a powder puff an press the powder into the skin.


NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette usd65

I have a full review on this palette and incase you missed it, click here. But this is bomb dot commm haha. They’re pigmented like very pigmented especially Final Cut which is the matte coral shade. I always forget it’s so pigmented and end up overdoing it. NARS cheek products are one of the best and that speaks for itself. Unfortunately this is limited edition and they did not bring it into Malaysia. I got it from Sephora US and bought it through ComGateway!

To sign into ComGateway and shop from many more websites in the US and get it shipped to Malaysia, click here.


NARS Blush in Orgasm rm120

This is one of their best-selling blush coz everyone in the world seems to love it, including me la obviously haha. It has gold shimmer in it and when you put it on your cheeks it will make you look super glowy and healthy. No need for highlighters on top of this. Such a beauty.


NARS Lipstick in Blonde Venus rm90

This was my first NARS purchase way before they came into Malaysia. My mom bought this for me in Bangkok few years back and I still use it coz it’s still perfect. I would’ve chosen a different shade now but at that time I loved this haha. Non drying opaque matte formula and lasts a long time on the lips.

Swatches from left: Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji, Sheer Matte Foundation in Fiji, Creamy Concealer in Custard, Pressed Powder in Eden, Orgasm Blush, Blonde Venus Lipstick.


You can get NARS at Pavillion KL or Gurney Plaza Penang.

Thanks for reading guys xx




14 thoughts on “Brand Focus: NARS Malaysia

  1. Jenny Fleur

    Yay I’m here! God I love NARS. To date I have their audacious lippies, concealer, Surabaya eyeshadow and tinted moisturizer. All is pure gem! And you’re right about the concealer. A must try!


  2. Alyssa Jaren

    I’ve been lusting for NARS lipsticks for ages (especially their velvet matte lip pencils!) but somehow I never ventured into their territories. This made me extra curious for NARS products!


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