Pre Event: The Party of The Century 2015 Part 1

If you have my Facebook account or if you follow me on Instagram, you’d probably already saw me freakinnnnn out about getting to meet my one and only Paris Hilton in KL next week as I was invited to the party to cover the event along with so many other pretty bloggers! And most of you must be wondering… “what is this party all about?!” Okay, come I explain it to you…. 


A New Era for Mammoth Empire

Empire City, the 30 acre mixed use development in Damansara Perdana, is holding an exclusive preview on the 23rd of January 2015.

Included within Empire City will be a number of unique offerings, such as the cinematic world’s first multiprojection theatre, an Olympic-specification ice rink and stylized boulevards, like Asian Food Street, that will bring the international luxury feel to life for residents and visitors alike.

Anddddddd here’s the fun part! Bringing these pillars to life will be an array of performers and artists ranging from my personal queen, and the one Im most stoked to see, PARIS HILTON (I cant, I just cant!), and also joining her will be Taboo of the Black Eye Peas, Australian tenor, Mark Vincent and KPOP sensation 2AM!


I cannot even contain myself and a lot of hyperventilating has been going on after I got this invite HAHAHA. I feel so fortunate! I have been borderline obsessed with Paris Hilton for as long as I can remember and this is just a dream come true! And just 2 weeks before my birthday too, what luck 😀 Thankyou for inviting me 🙂

Other celebrities will also be joining the event and I will reveal who they are in my next post along with a more in depth info on what Empire City is all about! Now let me crack my head for a 1920’s outfit this weekend! have a good one guys! Love ya. xx

  • For a chance to score invites and join me and the rest at the party: LIKE Party of the Century’s Facebook Page and get updates! CLICK HERE
  • For more info on the party: Visit their official website. CLICK HERE
  • While you’re at it, check out their instagram. CLICK HERE


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