Event: Party of The Century Malaysia

The moment I entered the Party of The Century last Friday, I was overwhelmed with the most beautiful decorations, glamorous lighting and no doubt, everything exceeded my wildest expectations of what this party would be like. The aura of the 1920’s filled the whole area and I kept thinking, damn, am I at a Great Gatsby party?! For real though :p Everyone was dressed  for the 1920’s theme and it was spectacular really. I’ve never been to a themed party before and seeing everyone going out of their way dressing up for the occasion was just incredible. Everyone looked so put together and beautiful.

I got the VIP pass and was allowed to the second floor of the VIP area where the celebrities make their entry. And that means I have pictures of celebs for you guys 😀 So without further ado, let me take you on this ride of the Party of The Century with photos I’ve captured from that magical evening.

My rendition of 1920’s with major help from my mom 🙂


Upon entering the party, I saw this vintage car just sitting there waiting for me to take a photo with it, so here goes :p


My brother was my sidekick for the night for the celeb hunting. Paris hunting to be precise ahaha

I was in awe by the whole interior design. The dance floor of the party is actually an Olympic size Ice Skating rink that will be built in the mall and it was huge. I anticipate the opening of Empire City Mall even more now. I arrived pretty early so the place wasn’t filled up yet.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIMG_8800The food served was absolute delish but I didn’t really eat coz I was overly excited to see Paris Hilton in the flash :p like finally.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIMG_8847Apart from the layout and the food, I guess most people were excited to see the celebrities that flew in from all over the world for the party. The first celebrity that I spotted was Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas! I apologize in advance for the blurry pictures below. I was caught between taking their pictures for you guys and really getting a good look at them with my own eyes. Being honest here. hahah


Next one was the ever so famous K POP boy band 2AM. They were kinda cute


So a little background story here before the next celeb walks in. I have been legit obsessed with Paris Hilton ever since I was 14 years of age. Her posters were all over my bedroom wall and my first ever perfume that my dad got me was the first perfume she released. I loved her Simple Life series, her BFF series and I love her songs. I think she’s way smarter that what most people give her credit for. Despite being born in a wealthy family, she uses her name and make big things for herself and not just live off her family’s money and bumming around. So I gotta give her that. Unlike most people, she was fortunate since birth and has a choice to do nothing and still live comfortably but she chose to work and she makes an effort and that, I admire.

So anyway, I was all over Paris Hilton for a decade and one of my dreams was always to see her at least once in this lifetime and if I could take a photo with her, that would go beyond anything I ever dreamed of when it comes to fan-girling someone haha. Mom knows it coz I screamed about this almost everyday after I got the invite for this party. Hence her FB post before the party hahaha.


Back to the party, my eyes were glued to the stairs of the red carpet for about 10 minutes waiting for her to come down with my heart beating out of my chest and suddenly I saw camera flashes beside the stairs and there she was, Paris Hilton right infront of my eyes! So I went up to her and said “Paris!!!! I love you” and she went ” Thank you, I love you” with the sweetest smile on her face and I captured it in the second picture below.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

And here it is guys, my selfie with Paris Hilton that I never in a million years thought I would have. She actually stopped to take this shot with me and said “You look beautiful” to… ME! omg die… my camera had a 3 second timer but she waited. T.T I was… touched. Thanks Paris, I love you even more now. Highlight of my night and my year, nuff said.


I enjoyed every single performance that night and this was one of them that blew me away. One of the girls played a violin up there while hanging upside down and she was amazing at it too O.O


 Mark Vincent from Australia’s Got Talent 2009 winner has an angel’s voice that’s for sure.


2AM surely got some of the girls screaming at the party :p


Paris Hilton opened her set with her famous song Stars are Blind and the teenager in me screamed a teeny bit<3 (click on photo to enlarge)

Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas really knows how to rock a party! He ended the performance by saying “The Black Eyed Peas will be back” fuiyoooo  goes to show he enjoyed Malaysia as much as we enjoyed him! (click on photo to enlarge)


All in all, it was the best party I’ve ever been to, hands down. Everything was flawless to its core from the set-up, food and performances! Can’t wait for Empire City Mall to open with all the amazingness it has to offer!


I would like to thank Dr. Sidney Kan for the invitation and the opportunity of a lifetime to be at one of the greatest “Party of The Century”. An experience that money can’t buy! If you’re interested to see more pictures from the party.. just search the hashtag #PartyOfTheCentury on Instagram!

Thanks for reading guys. Lots of love from me & Paris! HAHA


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