Review: ComGateway Beauty Haul part 2!

Woo hoo. Beauty haul is the best kinda haul.. atleast to me! If you follow me on Instagram @Bella.52 , you’d know that I recently hauled some makeup from America & UK. There are SO many products that I want but simply can’t get my hands on, here in Malaysia. And although they do sell some of the stuff online, they either don’t ship internationally or they don’t ship it to Malaysia. The frustration is real. So how did I get them to deliver to my doorstep? ComGateway of course! haha. I previously did an in depth post of my shopping experience using ComGateway and you can read all about it HERE

This time my shopping experience with ComGateway went  off without a hitch too. Everything was smooth and I got my stuff all the way from America within 5 days. I purchased from 4 different websites this time. So let’s just dive into what I got shall we?


I have heard nothing but raves on this EX1 Invisiwear Foundation in F200 ($19.62) from YouTuber AmandaEnsing. You can watch her video on the foundation HEREI tried googling reviews and found nothing negative about it and being a base makeup junkie, I HAD to try it. It’s a brand that was made for girls with olive & yellow skin undertones which was perfect for me coz most foundations I tried looks a little pink most of the time.

This website ships to Malaysia but it costs a fortune and it takes longer to reach Asian countries so I sent it to my ComGateway address instead since I was buying other stuff. When I opened it, I was disappointed coz I thought the shade was too dark for me but I’ve tried this foundation twice now and right off the bat I LOVE IT.  I might do a full review on it when I’m absolutely certain about it.


Target is one of the drugstores in the U.S that sells most of their drugstore makeup but I only wanted one thing. I refrained from buying too much coz Im running outta room for my makeup and I have so many things to use up so I got two of the Maybelline Fit Me Concealers ($4.59). Both in the shade SAND.

You know I love my NARS Creamy Concealer but I go through them SO quickly that rm100 a pop is a little intense hahaha. So I thought of trying the Maybelline ones out coz I heard it’s a complete dupe for NARS Creamy concealers and boy were they right. I was impressed with the finish, the coverage, the pigmentation and the longevity of it!! I’m so happy I found it and I’m so happy I bought two coz it covers my acne scars like and it’s only rm16.45!!!!!

*Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Sand is almost the exact shade for NARS Creamy concealer in Custard.

bdayThis was an unplanned purchase. I got an email from Sephora on my birthday gift and it was the between these two and I opted with the NARS mini Lip Pencils coz you know I love me some NARS :p A purchase has to be made in order to get the Birthday gift so I got their Sephora Collection Precision Sponge / Precision Sponge ($7) basically a dupe for the Beauty Blender just to try out.


The lip pencils come in the shades Rikugien (Pink satin) & Cruella (Red matte) and they so pretty.



If you’ve been around YouTube and Instagram you’ll know that Colourpop has quickly developed a cult following to their amazing lip products and eye shadows. So I too, cannot be left out hahahaha.  Got some of their eyeshadow and lip products for me and my bffs Doly & Erecca so there won’t be lip swatches on two of their lippie stix coz it belongs to my friends.

For myself I got the SKIMPY Lip Pencil ($5) which is the perfect nude and also the LUMIERELippie stix ($5) which was created by one of my FAV Beauty YouTuber KathleenLights !! This shade is a dupe for NARS Audacious Lipstick in ANNA (try googling it). This haul is filled with dupes I know but why pay more when you can get cheaper alternatives? 😀





colourpopAnd without a doubt, the hype is real. These are super comfortable on my lips and although it’s matte, it’s not drying. My lips get so dry when I tried the NARS Audacious Lipsticks at the store so that’s why I didn’t get any of them. But this didn’t dry my lips out and for only $5, you can’t ask for more. It’s perfect and I’m gonna get more soon!


colourpop eyesLast thing I got for myself is the Colourpop Eye Shadow in Mittens ($5). The consistency of this eyeshadow is an in-between; not powder not cream. Its pretty weird and I love it. Super pigmented, easily blendable and long lasting. I chose this shade coz I saw Kathleen Lights using it in this makeup tutorial video HERE and it looked gorgeous coz her eye makeup is always so sickkkkk I love her. This did not disappoint.

Full face makeup using all products mentioned above & NARS Cruella on my lips.


So that was it guys! I didn’t spend a whole lot this time. The shipping fee for all the stuff was less than $50 usd and I’m very happy with the service ComGateway provided for me! If you wanted anything from the States but couldn’t find a way to get it delivered to you, try ComGateway coz I used them twice and they were great! But make sure to check their prohibited items list before you purchase anything to avoid disappointments.

Thanks for reading babessss.


To sign up to ComGateway, click HERE or click on this image below!


5 thoughts on “Review: ComGateway Beauty Haul part 2!

  1. Alyssa J

    OMG I’m obsessed with KathleenLights too!!! I didn’t know you can get international stuffs through ComGateway, now I’m so getting those ColorPop babies ❤ ❤ Lumiere looks divine on your lips. Also the FitMe concealer is so Kathleen ahahahaha.

    Much love!


    1. bellabae Post author

      Kathleen’s so perfect isn’t sheeee haha makes me wanna try everything she owns! Colourpop is so worth it I’m definitely trying out their blushers next! xx



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