Product Empties #4

Hey y’alls. I’ve been collecting a few products that I’ve used up so I’m gonna share them with you with a mini overall review for each product. Hope this will somehow help you if you’re thinking of buying any of these products! Before we begin, I might as well tell you my skin type coz most of the stuff are skincare items. I have oily combination acne prone skin and my skin will breakout if it disagrees with the product I use.  None of the products I use below broke me out.


Alpha H Triple Action Cleanser with Thyme (Luxola)

I enjoyed this one a lot particularly in the morning coz it’s so gentle on the skin and wasn’t drying but makes my face feel clean all at the same time. It didn’t aggravate my skin or anything but it didn’t improve my skin too. I won’t repurchase because it’s pretty pricey for what it is and also because I have now found my holy holy grail face cleanser that I reviewed HERE :p

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Face Wash (The Body Shop)

This is my second/third tube and I loved it especially on a hot day coz it literally is cooling. It foams up pretty well and pairs great with my Clarisonic. This helps with breakouts coz of the tea tree but it’s nothing immediate. Overtime, you will see results but I won’t repurchase this either coz I’m pretty contented with what I’m using now.

St Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Scrub (Guardian/Watsons)

THIS. I did a full review on this one HERE. I absolutely adored this and will repurchase. It has beads in it but it’s nothing abrasive that’ll ruin your face. All you need a tiny bit and go gentle on the rubbing. It has salicylic acid in it so it helps prevent breakouts. I agree. It does help keep my breakouts at bay. Smells good too.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser (Sephora)

Also not my first bottle. This is a repurchase and if you’re looking for a basic face cleanser, this one’s for you. Its not targeted for any specific skincare concerns, it’s just something that you can use to clean your face morning and night. Works great with Clarisonic too. I’m not gonna repurchase this either because I swear this facewash I’m using now is the BESTTTTT for me. Read it HERE

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (Sephora)

Another morning face cleanser. It smells of fresh cucumbers and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and ready for the day! It’s really gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. Although it’s like a gel texture, it’s not drying whatsoever and left my face feeling soft. It doesn’t lather that much and I don’t like using this with my Clarisonic.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (Sephora/EL Counters)

It pains me to use the last drop of this coz this is expensiveeeeeee but it works. This helped to minimize my smile lines tremendously but I don’t really like the scent. Smells like plastic? I used to love this but not as much as I thought I did coz I didn’t miss it on my skin when it’s gone. I’m trying out other serums now that I’m growing to love.

Glamglow Thirsty Mud (Sephora)

Gone through 2 of these. I gotta say, this smells super good! Of coconut and vanilla to me. I love it on my skin and when I leave it overnight, my skin looks and feels super hydrated the next morning. This is definitely a luxury buy coz it’s freakin expensive. I bought the Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask and it does exactly the same job at a much affordable price! So I definitely won’t buy the full size of this.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (Ebay)

This is an amaaaaazing undereye concealer and it’s a no brainer to why it has a HUGE cult following. It’s so easy to use and it’s so pigmented too. Till today I don’t know why Maybelline Malaysia don’t just bring in this products because it’s phenomenal. Imma start a petition HAHAHAH. I got this off Ebay and I enjoyed using every bit of it.

Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray (Sephora)

Nope. Didn’t like this. I much prefer the All Nighter Setting Spray (Purple Cap).  This claimed to control oil throughout the day but it didn’t really do that for me. I wouldn’t recommend this. If you want a good makeup setting spray, try the Urban Decay All Nighter.


Batiste Dry Shampoo (AEON Big)

I get lazy some mornings and wont be in the mood to wash my hair and blow dry it blablabla. But my scalp gets a bit greasy and it makes me pretty uncomfortable to go about my day. So this is my hero right here. I spray this on my hair and blow dry it and it looks as good as a newly washed hair. Genius invention la please all these dry shampoo. Already repurchased!

Beauty Blender Liquid Cleanser (Luxola)

I didn’t wanna get this coz I love the Solid version more but that was out of stock at the time and I was in need of a Beauty Blender and Brush Cleanser. This didn’t clean my stuff as well as the solid cleanser at all. I needed to use a lot of it to really get all traces of makeup off my makeup tools. Definitely a fail for me.

Gucci EDP II (Perfume counters)

Finally used up one of my perfumes. The scent of this isn’t anything special but I love it for an everyday use. Kinda brings me back to my highschool days coz my bestfriend Erecca used to wear this and it reminds me of her. I won’t be repurchasing this coz I have so many to use up.

That’s all I have for you today! Thanks for reading people xx

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