Update: Clarisonic Mia 2 after 1 year of use

Skincare is everything to me. I do not have perfect skin whatsoever and I still get breakouts here and there on my face but I found ways to keep them in control with skincare and changes in my lifestyle. So speaking of which! Clarisonic Mia 2 is one of the greatest investment for the skin. It is pricey, let me get that outta the way. It’s rm550 for the version that I have which is the Mia2.


If you don’t know what Clarisonic is, its a skin cleansing system that cleanses six times better than your hands alone. It also has the power to remove 30 times more age-accelerating pollutants than manual cleansing.

I myself contemplated on whether or not to get it because Malaysia does not have great return policy so I went back and forth for a couple of months coz if my skin doesn’t agree with it, I’m basically screwed la haha. So after trying it for over a year every single night, I can say that my review here is completely justified and final. Lets begin!

Clarisonic Mia 2


They have different versions and I think Mia 2 is the perfect one coz of the speed setting option and the size. It fits perfectly in my hands. The battery life lasts for about 2-3 weeks after a full charge of 18 hours or so (I use once a day). It is definitely waterproof so no worries on getting electrocuted haha. The brush head can be cleaned and changed whenever necessary. I don’t follow the “3 months rule” coz I personally think that’s like an overkill. I’ve been using mine since end of January 2014 and everything (device, charger) still works fine.

Clarisonic Routine

When I first got it, I used it twice a day morning and night then after a couple of months I changed it up to only once a day, at night and stick with that routine until now.

I first remove my makeup with cleansing water/cleansing oil, then I spread my facial cleanser all over my face and wet my Clarisonic brush and start using it for a whole minute as recommended.

Overall Thoughts


Safe to say that I cannot live without my Clarisonic and it totally did a 180 on my skin! :p I’m one of the lucky ones coz this amazing little thing agreed so much with my face! My skin condition improved a ton after using it especially the texture. Other skincare items penetrate and sink in better into my skin too. I feel incomplete without it so I never skip this! It makes me enjoy my skincare routine even more.

Until today, Im still amazed at the amount of makeup that’s on the brush after each cleanse although I use cleansing water beforehand to remove my makeup. Clarisonic takes off everythingggggg that when I use toner after that, nothing will show on my cotton pad. Absolutely clean! I cringe at the thought of my face before using Clarisonic.. like did I go to bed with makeup residue on my face? Yucks!

I also didnt experience any purging when I first used it like many others did so I count my blessings coz there’s nothing worse than a purging period when using a new skincare product or in this case, tool.

I love love LOVE Clarisonic so much so that I thought of sharing this greatness with you all! It’s definitely a YES and I definitely recommend. Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading xx

Clarisonic is available at Sephora outlets.

To read more on the product, click HERE


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