Review: Carbon Laser Peel & Vampire Facial @ Anazoe Medical Spa

Life should be made up of facials and spas, because there’s no better feeling than being pampered 🙂 Last week Dr Ainna from Anazoe Medical Spa reached out to me and was sweet enough to offer me a complementary Carbon Laser Peel treatment at her newly opened Medical Spa.

Lovin the vibe of the place


The timing couldnt be better because at the time, I was having massive breakouts on my face from a toner that me and my best friends were trying and it broke the 3 of us out. I had breakouts everywhereeee! Maybe that’s just a purging stage I’ve no idea but it was pretty bad im laying off it for a while. Not entirely sure bout the toner yet so I’m not gonna mention the brand here. Anywayyyyy, on the bright side, I can show you a better difference of my skin; before&after the treatments 🙂


The consultation with Dr Ainna was great because discussing skincare and skin treatments has gotta be my most fav topic ever. I went to Anazoe Medical Spa only for Carbon Laser Peel treatment but upon seeing my skin condition at the time and being a former acne victim herself, Dr Ainna understood my frustration and was soooo generous to throw in the most hyped up Vampire Facial Treatment for me too coz she said the two treatments paired together will give an even better results! Dr Ainna to the rescue y’alllll. I was beyond thankful and super psyched to experience the procedure that’s much loved by Kim Kardashian. Read more about Kim Kardashian and her Vampire Facial HERE

Before the treatment starts, some pampering.


Carbon Laser Peel 

The first treatment was the Carbon Laser Peel which Im no stranger to and I personally love the after effects of it. This procedure is for enhancing the skin’s radiance and promoting a smooth, glowing complexion. It can also reduce the inflammation of acne and exfoliate the skin.

This laser treatment is very gentle with no downtime. And that means it wont interfere with your daily routine and you can go about your skincare and makeup regime as usual. WIN! Aint nobody got time to heal from blotchy skin lol.

The procedure


(Left: Before starting the Carbon Laser, Dr Ainna withdraw a tube of my blood for the Vampire Facial coz it takes 20 minutes to process the blood)

The Carbon Laser Peel is basically a thin layer of carbon being applied on my cleansed face. And then the laser will pass over the surface of the skin going over the carbon and breaking it down is sections.

It is a very simple and short procedure that offers amazing benefits to the skin and what’s more, it doesn’t hurt. Only maybe 2/10 on a pain scale. Actually it’s not even painful, just that the smell of the burning carbon makes me think that its painful but its NOT. I stand firm on that statement haha

Vampire Facial

This is one that I was excited for coz Kim Kardashian did it and made it famous, it blew up the media and beauty world after her “vampire facial selfie”.

The vampire facial is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure involving the drawing of patient’s own blood and processing it to have the platelets removed. Read the article on this treatment that was published in the Star paper HERE


Using only the processed blood, it is then applied to the face in thin layers and pressed gently into the skin with (in my case), a derma roller and not actual needle jabs like Kim’s. The derma roller used for me is the 1.5mm. Read more about derma roller HERE

Vampire Facial is meant to stimulate collagen and elasticity, improving the overall condition of the skin. This treatment is pretty interesting dontchu think? Like… the cure to aging and skin issues are actually inside our own blood. The irony haha

The Procedure

That’s my processed blood in the tube 0.0


I honestly didn’t know what to expect because there was no research done on my part prior to this treatment so the suspense was kinda exhilarating haha.

Once the blood touched my face, I automatically held my breath coz I DO NOT like the scent of blood although DR already said that there won’t be any smell after the blood is processed haha. And surprise surprise, it was really runny like water and has no scent of blood whatsoever.

She then used the derma roller going over sections of my face. The pain lemme tell you… thank god mom was there with me coz I was squeezing her hand the whole throughout the whole procedure :p This time, on a scale of 1-10 the pain level was at around 7.5 hahahah. But “beauty is pain” and we all know that 😀

The blood dries up on the skin and it felt really tight like when clay mask dries on your face. The next morning, my skin was noticeably less red and less agitated. Dr Ainna mentioned that the results can be seen after a week give or take depending on your body so here I am a week later to update you on the outcome!

Would I go through it all over again despite the pain? YES most definitely! Because the results are amazing!

My Results 1 week after Treatments


There’s practically no more redness and inflammation on my face because there’s no new zits forming on my face after the treatments! The previous insane breakouts healed incredibly fast and my skin looks so supple, so juicy and healthy. Overall skin texture is so smooth too and scars are fading pretty quickly. The overall results impressed me endlessly when I look into the mirror. I feel so much better now that my skin is recovering well from that nasty outbreak.

Sorry bout the shades but I really did not look presentable so had to cover hahaha not trying to be glamz ok :p

IMG_0964Would sincerely like to thank Dr Ainna for having me and being incredibly sweet to me and my mom while we were there. Also all the girls at Anazoe Medical Spa for making me feel so comfortable and at ease!

Anazoe Medical Spa offers a ton of other beauty treatments at affordable prices right now.
rejuvenation therapy stem cell therapy BODY RESHAPING2 ipl hair removal

If you’re interested to getany treatments done at Anazoe Medical Spa, you can contact them at 03- 61581112 or follow their Instagram account. Be a sport and show your support coz they’re still new! @anazoemedicalspa . They are located at Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara. (A level up from Caring Pharmacy)

Thanks for reading babes. xx



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