Review: Origins Face Masks

Face mask is definitely one of my favorite part of skincare because it gives my skin a great detox or an intensive hydration depending on my needs. I have quite a few face masks and these two are the ones that I find myself reaching for the most and they’re both from Origins, an awesome natural high end skincare line. I’m sure you don’t need me to vouch for Origins whatsoever coz it’s been around a long time with endless positive hype around their products :p

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

This was my first product from Origins. I saw this in a ton of skincare routine videos and some even compared this to the crazy expensive Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment mask so I thought of giving it a go. I’ve tried the Glamglow one and yes they kinda do the same thing. This charcoal mask has clay in it which is an ingredient known to draw out impurities and unclog pores.

It’s a really thick creamy texture and it spreads easily on the face. All you need to do is apply a thin layer and when it dries and your skin feels tight, rinse it off thoroughly with water. I must say that compared to my other clay masks, this is the hardest to get off but it’s all worth it. 

It works amazingly at unclogging pores, leaving my congested skin feeling like it can finally breathe. It’s safe for all skin types and isnt drying on my combination acne prone skin. I use this once a week or twice a week when my skin is shit haha. I also sometimes use this as a spot treatment on those ginormous zits and this dries it up a little faster than usual. It does what it says to do and I recommend this if you need a weekly detox in your regime.


Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask

I got this when I first started my Retin-A Treatment to avoid flaky skin because I experienced that first hand previously and it aint cute I can tell you dat. To avoid flaky skin at all cost, I knew a normal moisturizer won’t cut it so I opted for an overnight mask instead and basically this product saved my skin.

By skipping my usual moisturizer at night, I layer this overnight mask on my skin instead and go to sleep with it on my face. It’s meant for that la since it says overnight mask.. no brainer haha. Dont go and wash this off ok? :p

I did not go through any peeling during the first few weeks of my Retin-A treatment because of this overnight hydrating mask. The direction says that it can be used as desired depending on your skin condition so I used it every night in the beginning of Retin-A in my regimen. But now, I only use it after a good detox mask to balance out my skin or whenever I need an extra hydration boost.

This mask smells SO good, so fruity and fresh but not overpowering! And by sleeping with a thin layer of this on, you’ll wake up with a fully hydrated plumped skin. It doesn’t clog my pores and dont feel as sticky as the Laneige Sleeping Mask to the touch.  Its a tad pricey for this small tube, but it has lasted me a long time and it works soooooo well! I cannot recommend this enough especially if your skin is dehydrated and thirsty.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, 50ml RM66

Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask, 50ml RM76

*Both products can be purchased from any Origins counter

Thanks for reading guys! xx



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