My worst skincare mistake

If you read my previous post on how I cleared my acne, you’d probably already know that I was on Retin-A and that was the only thing that got rid of my acne that I’ve been suffering from for more than a decade. Since then, my skin was already almost 100% clear and me being a skincare junkie thought “why not just stop Retin-A and try other products instead”. Retin-A is a very hardcore skincare product that not only helps with acne but also wrinkles. The ingredient cannot be mixed with a ton of other product’s ingredients so I decided to stop it altogether and let me tell you, that was the worst decision I’ve made.

I wanted to be all adventurous with other products in the market so I change up my whole skincare routine too often and that’s never a good thing. I introduced a ton of new products to me regime and never stick to the same thing long enough for my skin to get adjusted and took my skin for granted since it was all “clear”. Basically, my skin dramatically freaked out and I got breakouts here and there throughout the last couple of months, but nothing bizarre until recently.

Last month, after being on birth control for hormonal acne (Loette-Diane35-Loette) for close to 3 years, I decided to stop it because I really think that it’s not making much of a difference on my skin anyway and it was messing up my system as of late, no idea why. With new skincare, new makeup and no Retin-A in my routine, and to top it off, stopping birth control, I had one of the worst and most painful cystic acne outbreak a couple weeks back and I was pretty damn depressed.

So I decided to up my Retin-A dosage from 0.05% to 0.1% which is the highest dosage of Retin-A. I started using it last Monday and OH MY GOD I experienced even MORE breakouts for a whole week which felt like a year. They were covering my cheeks and were so damn painful. Didn’t come to a head so I had to wait them out and couldn’t pop them (eventhough its gross and I know I shouldn’t but it’s a bad habit la). I honestly forgot how it feels to have non bumpy skin.

In terms of peeling, I only peeled on the areas I had the breakouts and nowhere else. That whole week of purging was the worst. I had to go to meetings with my cheeks messed up haha but I knew it was normal when it comes to Retin-A and that it will eventually stop but I did not know when so I waited and waited and swear that I’ll share this on my blog if my skin gets back to normal.

LOOKKKK at how much my skin improved in a week with Retin-A


I never thought it would be so soon but I’m happy to report that it is now back to normal after one whole week of torture. All im left with are just nasty SCARS that would eventually fade with the use of Retin-A. I also stopped all the skincare products that I was using and find comfort in more gentle and basic skincare steps.


 A.M – REN Cleanser > The Body Shop Seaweed toner > Dalacin T > Simple Moisturizer > Sunscreen (not in photo)

P.M – REN Cleanser > The Body Shop Seaweed toner > SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C > Stieva Retin-A > Cetaphil/ Laneige to moisturize.

So thankful that my skin calmed down and getting better each day although I had to learn my lesson the hard way. I’ll NEVER stop Retin-A againnnnnnnn! Just thought I’d share this bad experience with you guys in case any of you are experiencing anything similar. Cheers to clear skin xx.


13 thoughts on “My worst skincare mistake

    1. bellabae Post author

      I don’t mind using it for life coz it has superb anti aging benefits. Will prevent and reduce wrinkles so I’m all for that 😀 Nope my diet doesn’t really affect my breakouts.. Hehe ❤


      1. Hidayu Musa

        hye. can you suggest me the best cleanser or product from cleanser, moisturizer, toner , serum or treatment cream for my oilyyyyyy acne skin 😦


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  2. Sara

    Hi! Nice blog 🙂
    just wanted to know if this product is available over the counter or do i need a prescription?


  3. haziqnox

    Hi bella! Great skin by the way. You look super pretty 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Mind sharing where can i get that stieva A cream here in malaysia? And how much does it cost? Thank you!


    1. bellabae Post author

      Heyyy. I got it at a local pharmacy I think you need to ask them for it 🙂 it’s less than rm30. And thank you for being sweet and for reading! 😘 xx


  4. Anonymous

    Hey there again bella,mind me asking whats the best product for moisturizer.cleanser,sunscreen and serum that works well with retin A?


  5. Mizfiza


    Great to know that Stieva-A had worked great on your skin. It was doing the same for me for the last few years. I could enjoy a good skin back the.

    After couple of months, my acne struck back and the worst thing is I was not able to use it anymore. The pharmacist told me that the ingredient contains porcine and was prohibited to use that again.

    Now I just continue using Differin and its totally doesnt do miracle like what Stieva-A did to me.

    With combination with carbon laser and differin, my skin had improved a lot! I really hope this mess ie. acne will be totally away from me!



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