My Nose Job @ Ido’s Clinic

I’ve alwaysssss wondered how it feels to have fillers injected into my face and how I’ll look like with just a teeny bit more nose bridge. So you can only imagine how beyond psyched I was to know that Ido’s Clinic were sponsoring me to have that procedure done! OMG OMG you guys 😀  So here I am a week later to share with you my whole experience of getting a “nose job”. By the way, I got mine done at their Kota Damansara branch. The branch that I go to coz it’s close to me and I love everyone there ❤


Last Saturday was THE day.. I went with my bestfriends Doly and Erecca who were the sweetest to accompany me and with them being there, my fear level was highly reduced. They make me feel secure all the time.

IMG_3333 IMG_3324So we met with Dr Gan (my fav doctor there I highly highly recommend him!) and he took a look at my nose deciding which method to use. Basically there’s two method which is injecting from the bottom tip of the nose or from the top of the nose which is the less painful approach and that was the method recommended for me.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHyaluronic Acid filler was the one used on me. Its one of the best kinds to inject into the nose because our body naturally produces hyaluronic on its own so it’s not harmful and it will be absorbed by the body naturally. This kind of fillers usually lasts for 6-12 months depending on individuals and their body’s reaction towards it. People usually do this before a special occasion like weddings or what not, you know.. to have a sharper nose bridge to look prettier in photos la :p

Nose gotta be cleansed off any makeup and numb cream was appplied

IMG_3326Erecca also consulted Dr Gan regarding her skin and she decided to try out the Carbon Laser Peel that I previously did and LOVED. She got it done while we were waiting for the numb cream that was applied to my cleansed nose to fully kick in which usually takes about 40mins – 1 hour to numb the whole nose. Lets just say, she did not enjoy it as much as I did coz her tolerance level towards pain is significantly lower than mine. Way lower hahaha.

IMG_3329It was pretty much a nerve wrecking 1 hour wait before we proceeded with the injection of fillers lemme tell you that much. I had mini panic attacks here and there LOL.


Dr Gan is the only one that I trust to touch my nose so I was at ease and not so stressed that it would turn out bad coz I know he wont do that to me lol.


IMG_3331He started injecting the top of my nose slowly and adjusting it as he goes section by section so all in all it was definitely more than 6 jabs. It felt like an ant bite each time, you’ll definitely feel it but its bearable.

IMG_3330IMG_3332At one point I heard Erecca saying that her legs were numb and I knew I was bleeding coz that only happens when she sees blood hahaha epic. Thank god i had my eyes closed the whole time coz I was bleeding quite a bit and wouldve freaked if I saw the blood. LOLLL


The whole process was quick say around 15 minutes? And it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. The results were instant but so was the bruising. Lol. I had blue black on my nose right after the procedure.

IMG_3328I swell quite a bit for a couple of days but nothing too obvious and a bit of concealer fixed the bruise right away. I can still go to the office as usual on Monday so that’s that. Although there was a bit of swelling, it wasnt exactly painful, just uncomfortable coz I felt like there’s pressure on my nose.

Right after the procedure

IMG_3304The night I did the procedure. Excuse the charcoal mask.

IMG_3306I still need to meet up with Dr Gan for a follow up to see whether I need to top up the fillers in certain areas or not and I’ll do a second write-up if that happens. But for just a simple short procedure that doesn’t require me being cut into, I am very VERYYY pleased, happy and satisfied with the results to say the least!! 

Also the down time is maybe just 2 days and I think that’s acceptable coz you can get it done over the weekend and still go about your usual routine after that. The outcome is pretty natural and doesnt look too overdone. Just what I wanted. What do you think?




With Cherlyn, May, Dr Gan, Doly & Erecca ❤

IMG_3353I wanna say the biggest thank youuuuuu to Ido’s Clinic for sponsoring this procedure and letting me experience something that I’ve always wanted to try and for always taking good care of me when I’m there! You guys are the best. And thank you Dr Gan for doing such an amazing job on me and for being ever so patient. And thank you Doly for being my camera girl and Erecca who spared some time for me before going back straight to Ipoh after that. I love you guys xx

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Nose Augmentation – rm1800


Contact: 017 541 4992 / 012 787 5992


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