My Updated Skin Pamper Routine

Hi guys, so today I thought I’d walk you through my pamper routine that I do once a week usually on Friday or Sunday Nights. I make sure to give my skin this full on treatment coz after a long week of stress and exposure to the pollution and sun, god knows my skin needs it.

This isnt a full review for each product but if you want one for any of the products, lemme know. Its basically an extended evening skincare routine full of masks and all that good stuff so lets get into it 🙂 (I have oily combination acne prone skin)

  • Cleanse


Even if I dont have makeup on in the evening, I’ll always go in with a cleansing water/cleansing oil as a first cleanse to get rid of all the grease buildup off my face. I ran out of my Bioderma so I use the Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water and it works just the same at half the price. I also love using the Shu Uemura Blanc:Chroma Cleansing Oil too and I alternate between the two depending on my mood.

After that I take my favorite cleanser at the moment, REN Rosa Centafolia Cleansing Gel and use it with my Clarisonic Mia 2 (cannot live without it) as a second cleanse. I am digging this cleanser because it’s so gentle and it leaves my skin feeling SO clean and so fresh. No tightness whatsoever. I highly recommend.

  • Exfoliate


I exfoliate a couple of times a week when I feel that my skin needs it. For this, I use the St Ives Green Tea Scrub. This is my go to scrub for months now coz its gentle and doesnt aggravate my skin and it also helps keep acne at bay. Full review HERE.

  • Mask


My skin will be all clean and ready for mask by now which is the star of the show. I love starting out with a detox pore cleansing mask to get all the impurities outta my skin and go in with a moisturizing one later on. For this, I’ll use one of the three. REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask is a recent buy. It’s a pretty good one because it gets the job done and leave my skin feeling soft.

When my skin is in a bad shape, I’ll opt for the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask. This is a very intense one and it’s my favorite among the three just because I feel that it works the best at getting the gunk out when my skin is congested. A good drugstore alternative which is more affordable is the Freeman’s Avacado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. I got mine in Singapore but I’ve seen it at Watsons for less than rm20.

  • Tone


I am loving loving loving The Body Shop’s Seaweed Toner. It is one of the most moisturizing toner I’ve used that balances out my skin so well. It smells good to me atleast and its just a step that I never skip in my routine coz it makes a whole lot of a difference. After toning, you can go in with a sheet mask but today I’m using a sleeping mask so I’ll skip the sheet mask for another time.

  • Serum/Essence


I have a few serums and essences that I adoreeeee and I use depending on my skin’s needs but right now the two that I alternate in my routine is the SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C which is an all rounder at repairing and moisturizing the skin or the Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence which is excellent at brightening the skin. I love these two because it sinks in super fast and doesnt leave any residue on my face. Its crucial for me to have an absolute dry face for the next step.

  • Treatment


After about 20mins after applying the serum, I go in with my Retin-A 0.1% cream. This is a concentrated Vitamin A cream for cell turnover that helps with acne and wrinkles. I dont think I need to go on a bout it much because I recently wrote a post about this that you can read HERE.

  • Moisturize


20 mins after the Retin-A, I apply a moisture mask. For this I have been loving the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack/Mask. The smell relaxes me and I wake up the next day with my skin feeling brand new. Completely in love. On the right is the improved version that will be out in stores on the 1st of May 2015. a little teaser? I ADORE IT :p Full review soon.

  • Eyes


Cant forget the eyes. I have been using the 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream ever since I got it a couple of months back. It’s a lightweight cream that I use morning and night. It moisturizes my under eyes pretty well without being too heavy.

  • Lips


Lastly, my lips and I do this step every night. I wear lipsticks on a daily basis so it tends to dry up my lips a little. Pretty crucial to moisturize it. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is a new one that will also hit the stores on the 1st of May 2015. Anything mask just throw them to me coz masks has gotta be my favorite skincare product hehe. But any lip balm would do too if your lips aren’t as badly chapped.

So thats about it guys! I know some of these stuff are expensive but I really dont mind investing on a good skincare product if it works on me. My pamper days are the ones I look forward to all week. I personally enjoy taking so many steps and I find it to be really relaxing because lets be real, skincare is my favorite thing in life and makeup too haha. Have a nice weekend babes xx

Product info:

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water, rm 44 (Innisfree Sunway Pyramid)

Shu Uemura Blanc:Chroma Cleansing Oil, rm120 (All ShuUemura counters)

REN Rosa Centafolia Cleansing Gel, rm105 (Ken’s Apothecary)

Clarisonic Mia 2, rm550 (Sephora & Clarisonic stores)

St Ives Green Tea Scrub, rm28.50 (Drugstores; Guardian/Watsons)

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask, rm99 (Ken’s Apothecary)

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask, rm52 (Innisfree Sunway Pyramid)

Freeman’s Avacado & Oatmeal Clay Mask, $3.99sgd

The Body Shop’s Seaweed Toner, rm55 (The Body Shop)

SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C, rm360 (SK-II outlets/

Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence, rm156 duty free price (Price may differ at Laneige outlets)

Retin-A 0.1% cream, rm43 (Pharmacies)

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, rm110 (Laneige outlets)

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream, rm69 (



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