Review: NEW Laneige Water Sleeping Mask & Lip Sleeping Mask

Eversince I posted photos of these guys on my Instagram & Facebook, I’ve had people asking me to review them so here you go but you know I’d review them anyway even if you didnt ask haha :p Last 2 weeks, I was invited to the Laneige Blogger Party which was all skincare and fun.



I personally adore Laneige for quite sometime now coz I own a couple of their products and they wow-ed me everytime. Specifically their Water Sleeping Pack which was recommended to me by my best friends Doly & Erecca who were raving bout it and for good reasons. I have been obsessed with their Sleeping Mask for months now and was pretty psyched to know that they have a new and improved formula.

  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 

What’s New?

Non irritating, mild, safe and gentle formula on the skin which is also soothing and helps to reduce skin redness the next morning.

  1.  SLEEPTOX -Purification technology leaving skin clear and revitalized by activating purification genes while you sleep with Hunza Apricot & Evening Primrose extracts to normalize fatigue skin
  2. MOISTURE WRAP – Acts like a porous moisture film that locks-in moisture through the night
  3. SLEEPSCENT – Aroma therapeutic scent that relaxes your mind and body to promote deep sleep


No nonsense. I straight up love this. At first I thought, I already love their existing Sleeping pack, how much more can I love this new one and how much can they differ from each other. Well, lemme just say ALOT.


First, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this yet, Laneige Sleeping Mask is a no rinse mask that you can use as a weekly treatment to deeply hydrate your skin. Either that or you can apply just a light layer every night as your moisturizer or on top of your regular moisturizer for an extra boost if you have dry skin.

The scent is verrrry relaxing which can help you get a good night’s sleep too. Im not sure whether its a psychological thing but I really do think that I get better sleep with this on my face hahaha. Laneige claims that this will give your skin an 8 hour sleep even if in reality you sleep less than that. I cant vouch for that because I always try to get atleast 8 hours of sleep every night so yeah haha. But it does make my skin look so good in the morning.


If you liked their existing Sleeping Mask, you will absolutely adore this new one. They look and smell identical but the new formula is definitely less sticky and sinks in much much faster. You won’t get that tacky sticky feeling when your face is on your pillow which I got with the old one.

I’ve been using the new Water Sleeping Mask every night for over a week now and yasssssssssss!  It calms my skin down leaves my skin looking plumped and feeling hydrated the next morning it’s amazingggggg! I cant rave enough. The results I get with this is definitely better than with the old formula.

I definitely think you need this in your life regardless of your skin type. I have oily combination acne prone skin and this did not aggravate my skin or block my pores whatsoever and I can use this every night for a week straight with no issues. It makes the overall appearance and condition of my skin better instead.

I will without a doubt continue to repurchase it when I run out of this one.

  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Formulated with Moisture Wrap and Berry Mix Complex for Moisture Lock and Vitamin C care all through the night.


Most of you were really curious bout this one right here. Like our face, apparently the lips need a mask too haha. And this is where Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask comes in. This lip mask is formulated to rehydrate and renourish chapped lips. Made with 8 different types of berries, you can only imagine how GOOD this smells. It’s also PINK … omg just how cute is that.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe texture is thick when I swatched it at the back of my hand at the Blogger’s Party but when I applied it to my lips, it melts instantaneously while leaving it very hydrated. I use this at night before bed by applying a thicker layer and letting it do its magic while I sleep. Next morning, my lips are brand spankin new, I was extremely pleasantly surprised to say the least. There was no tiny lines that I usually have on my lips, it was so plumped and full 😀

Comes with a pink matching spatula to keep everything sanitary, which I appreciate.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI also use a thin layer of this in the morning to further moisturize my lips before lipstick and it works great for that too. A little goes a super long way so I can see this lasting for quite a while. I wear a ton of lipstick on a daily basis so by the end of the day my lips get dry and a little chapped and  regular lip balms/vaselines just doesn’t cut it.

No surprise, Laneige nailed it again this time and I am madly impressed. I’m gonna venture more into their skincare range because all I’ve had so far from them is positive results! Thank you Laneige Malaysia for the invite and the goodies! xx

P/s: The teddy bear has a sleeping scent to it too so try to get your hands on it if you can!


Follow Laneige Malaysia’s instagram page for instant updates of roadshows, sales and product launching! – @Laneigemy

These products are now available at all Laneige counters nationwide! Run, coz they’re definitely worth it! xx

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 70ml – rm110

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask 20g – rm70

❤ ❤ ❤


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