Review: I’m From Honey Mask

I’ve endlessly heard that Honey does great things for your skin. Michelle Phan and so many other other beauty junkies on YouTube said so. It moisturizes the face, plumps it up but the main point is that it helps with acne. I’ve alwaysss wanted to try one but the thing is, it’s pretty hard to find a good Honey Mask here although I know slathering raw organic Manuka Honey is one way to do it. But that’s just not for me coz I like putting perfect formulated masks on my face that companies make rather than something I can get at the food department of the grocery store :p Thats just me. Speaking of honey, I’ve also tried the Honey capsule from Innisfree and mehh, it wasn’t that great.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThen come this face mask; the I’m From Honey Mask sent to me by WishTrend, Korea. I was soo incredibly happy coz as some of you may know, my skin had an episode not too long ago and this honey mask sure came in handy with all the antibacterial properties. It’s made out of natural ingredients too so that’s definitely a plus.


First can we just talk about the packaging. The detailing on the box engraved to mimic a beehive is just too cute in my opinion. Nothing fancy on the packaging, just simple and clean looking. I’m all for simplicity so this was right up my alley.


The mask looks like thick honey but smells like baby food. Gotta admit, the first time it was on my face I was a little turned off by the scent but as usual, I get used to things pretty quickly. It is a little sticky and can be a pain if you hair gets on your face. I’ve been using this honey mask for 6 times now and damnnn, I AM OBSESSED. I already knew I loved it after the first use actually but I wanted to just give it a real go before telling you guys what I think of it.

  • How I apply I’m From Honey Mask

Extended routine:

Cleanse > Clay Mask > I’m From Honey Mask > Toner > Serum > Retin-A > Moisturizer > Sleeping Mask

I use this more than once a week coz it’s the bomb and I cant help it, just adddicted. It says to be left on for 10mins –  a maximum of an hour and I usually leave it on for 20-30 mins and then take it off with a warm muslin cloth.

  • What it did for my skin

The first time I used it I was incredibly suprised at how bright my skin looks. No joke! I swear this thing is amazeballz. I’ve tried GlamGlow masks before and they were alright.. but the results I get form this honey mask is way more obvious and instant.

My skin felt so smooth and soft and looks incredibly bright after using this. And I also notice that it calms my breakouts down tremendously. I cannot.. I’m too happy with this mask you guys. It moisturizes my skin and gets rid of dry patches so well. If that’s not enough, if I use this after a clay mask, it balances back my skin taking away the tight feeling that sometimes clay mask tend to give. Perfect much?

  • Should you get it? YASSSS

All in all, this is such an amazing mask to have if you suffer from dehydrated skin, aggravated skin, or just dull skin in general because it will calm your skin and leave it looking bright, plump and moisturized. This mask has helped me so much with the overall improvement of my skin. I’m very impressed and I cannot recommend this enough. Definitely holy grail status.

The I’m From Honey Mask was sold out on WishTrend for quite some time (not surprised) but it’s back in stock now if you’re interested. It is a little pricey, but for the benefits, I wouldn’t mind investing. Its also currently on 25% off so if you wanna check it out, I’d say now is the time. Usual price is $37.90usd.

Check out I’m From Honey Mask on WishTrend HERE

Thank you guys for reading! xxsign

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