rm100 off any skin/face treatments @ Ido’s Clinic for you

Hey you guys! you might have noticed that I’ve been going to Ido’s Clinic for my face treatments a couple of times now and I always ended up leaving the place feeling satisfied and happy. No surprise that these treatments are sometimes out of our budget so now you can get yourself rm100 off any skin treatments/fillers procedure at Ido’s Clinic. Stay/skip to the end of the post to get your 100 bucks off.

I’m first gonna tell you a bit on the treatments that I got done there in case you missed those blog posts.

  • Carbon Laser Peel Treatment 

Provides instant cleansing, brightening and rejuvenating to your skin. This laser peel has NO downtime which means there’s no actual peeling involved whatsoever. It makes my skin incredibly soft and clear and the result lasts quite a while too. For full in depth blogpost, click HERE


  • Nose Filler Procedure

This is pretty recent where I got my nose job done with no knife and cutting involved. Hyaluronic fillers were used instead and I am LOVING the results. The pain was tolerable and not as bad as you think it will be. Full blogpost, click HERE for part I and HERE for the final results.

Here’s a short clip of the procedure I got done 🙂

4  6

5Ido’s Clinic offers a ton of other treatments for the skin/face augmentations and you can find out more on their website HEREThey have a few branches in KL and you can go to the nearest one to you but the one that I go to is their Kota Damansara branch at Sunway Giza in case you’re wondering 🙂

So if you guys are interested to get any treatments done at Ido’s Clinic, click HERE and fill in your details to get rm100 off any of those treatments. Hope this will help you in any way possible to enhance your features/get clearer skin and gain more confidence 🙂 ❤ xx

Ido’s Clinic Contact: 017 541 4992 / 012 787 5992


Website: http://www.idosclinic.com/



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