MAY 2015 Favorites!

Been forevaaa since I posted a favorites coz I try so many products and get overwhelmed sometimes that its impossible to narrow down what I truly love to make in into the “favorites” list. So I’m so excited to share these coz they’ve completely blown me away!



I wanted this for weeks and it was sold out everywhere and when I got my hands on this a couple weeks back, I had nothing but high hopes for it. I’ve tried quite a few primers in the past and most of them were silicon based and they broke me out pretty bad. So I was excited to finally try a spray on primer that will help extend the wear of makeup.

I’ve been not only impressed but also obsessed. Apart from making me feel “fresh” in the morning and all prepped up for makeup, it’s also easy to apply (few sprays and you’re done). Best part of is is that it makes my makeup last ALL DAY. And for something that looks like water and nothing else, its pure magic. And of course it doesn’t break me out.

I went back and forth contemplating on whether or not to buy this foundation for months coz this aint cheap and the reviews online is so mixed up and I got very confused haha. It’s either people love it or downright despise it. I took the plunge and bought it anyway few weeks back and… This is the best foundation that I’ve ever tried. Before I rave about it, I have combination oily acne prone skin for reference.

First lemme just say the shade Fiji is my exact shade and you know how hard it is to find a foundation that comes in your exact shade so thats one reason why I adore it. It doesn’t clog my pores and paired with the primer water, it lasts all day on my skin. It gives the most beautiful natural finish and it applies and blends out so seamlessly on my skin. The formula is so weightless that i don’t feel it on my skin and it makes my skin feel like it can breathe. It’s so FULL coverage too, I barely even put any concealer on my acne scars anymore. yay!

It’s pricey but its worth the price in my opinion. I’ve never repurchased a single foundation before and this one will the the first because I’m done searching for a holy grail foundation. THIS is it!

I’ve always set my under eyes and my face with different powders. Not to come off as high maintenance haha but if I set my under eyes with my face powder, it will make my under eye concealer look dark due to the shade of the face powder. This powder here has been awesome for my undereyes. It’s in the shade light so it’s brightening enough. It’s finely milled so it doesn’t make my undereyes look cakey and feels light under my eyes. 

This for me, is the best setting powder out there for my whole entire face. It beats even my high end ones for now. It’s not extremely mattifying that it cracks your face, doesn’t feel heavy, provides decent coverage for a setting powder and it doesn’t clog my pores or break me out. On top of that, it controls my oil too. This isnt a new discovery coz I’ve been using it since Borjouis came into Malaysia and I try to change it up with other powders but I always go back to this! Very affordable too.



  • Med Care Anti Blemish Moisturizer, Ido’s Clinic

Ido’s Clinic gave me a few of their products to try and I’ve been using them religiously ever since and my skin has been improving so much. I’m planning on doing a separate post dedicated to them but I have to mention this one here because it has gotta be my favorite of the lot.

This is a gel moisturizer that is specially formulated for problematic skin. Apart from the fresh light scent, it hydrates my skin so perfectly in the morning and also evening. It sits so well under makeup because it’s not sticky at all and it sinks into the skin pretty fast. I love it!

I’ve done a full review on this one not too long ago and if you’ve missed it you can read the full post HEREI’m almost out of this because I use it soooo much! This mask is my favorite. The results I got from this is way better than Glamglow Mask. It brightens my skin, softens it, plumps it and moisturizes it too. It also helped to calm my spots down if I have any. I cant say enough good things bout this I urge you to try it out if you’re in the market for a good all rounder mask.

THE BEST thing ever. This sleeping mask will make you wake up with a brand new plumped up skin. It sinks into the skin fast but it locks in the moisture of your skin all through the night. I use this on top of my anti blemish moisturizer or on its own and the next day, my makeup goes on super smooth and flawless! The new formula is insanely good. You can read my full review HERE

Hands down my favorite clay mask I’ve ever tried and it’s one of the affordable ones. It’s so good for congested pores coz it will pull out all of the impurities from your skin after one use. It’s also not extremely drying but I usually go in with the Honey Mask after this one just to balance everything out. It doesn’t take forever to dry and it’s also easily removed. I highly recommend!

So those are the products I’ve been loving for the month of May! Thanks for reading! xx



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