Review: MedKare Skincare products for acne prone skin

I for one, being a beauty junkie have the habit of mixing up my skincare products. I never use the same brand for my cleanser, toner, serum.. you get the point. So when Ido’s Clinic gave me these products to try out, I was excited but I knew it would take a lot from me to incorporate so many items of the same brand into my routine coz it just goes against the rebel inside me haha. But I did it anyway and I’m glad to report that I’ve been quite a happy camper for the past month.

I’ve been trying these out ever since I got it a month ago, every morning and night and I am satisfied with the results so I think its time to share it with you guys. These products were given to suit my skin type which is combination oily acne prone skin. 


MedKAre Soothing Serum, rm200

  • Natural plant based formula
  • Relieves redness and itchiness
  • Restores lipid balance
  • Decrease trans-dermal water loss
  • Hydrates without clogging the pores

First I gotta talk about the scent. It stinks. They warned me about it so I was prepared. If you’ve ever smelled SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and got grossed out by it the first time, this will do the same to you. hahaha. But it is so effective nonetheless.

This serum really calms my skin especially when I’m having breakouts and its all red and blotchy. I pop my zits sometimes, yes very gross but you know when you’ve an open wound and sometimes skincare that you apply will sting those spots? This did not sting my skin AT ALL. It sinks in fast too so you don’t need for long intervals in between products. I use this morning and night right after toner and it has been amazing to my skin. So moisturizing and yes soothing as the name would suggest.


MedKare Anti Blemish Moisturizer, rm155

  • Moisturizes without clogging pores
  • Non-comodogenic formula
  • Suppresses oil production
  • Reduces acne
  • Soothes and calms damaged skin

The star of the whole lot. My favorite one as I featured it in my previous May Favorites post. This is my first gel moisturizer.. yup I’ve been using creams all these while I’ve no idea why since I have combination oily skin but this changed the game for me, for real. The scent is light and refreshing, nothing offensive.

This moisturizer has been helping my skin with the occasional spots that I get especially by using it twice a day. The formula is light and it sinks into my skin almost immediately but it leaves my skin super hydrated at the same time. This sits beautifully under makeup in the morning and at night, I top this up with my Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and they’re a match made in heaven. I’m all about the gel moisturizer life from now on thanks to this.


MedKare Pro White Sunscreen, rm175

  • Encapsulation technology
  • Non tinted oil free formula
  • Wont clog pores
  • Skin brightening effect
  • Suitable for all skin types

Funny story, while I was at Ido’s Clinic we got into the sun protection topic so I told them that I was using spf70 on my face and they got the shock of their lives. I was told that anything above spf30 on the face, has a high chance of clogging pores (what have I been doing? O.O).

So anyway this is an spf30 sunscreen and if you’re not into the smell of SPF, then this one’s for you coz its almost scent-less. When I first started using this I was a little unsure because it felt pretty heavy upon application and took a while to sink in. I was prepared to have oily skin my noon but NO! To my surprise, this did not make my skin oily at all and my skin will react to certain sunscreens but this did not clog my pores. I don’t know about the skin brightening effect because I do use a whitening essence too so I don’t rely on this product for that purpose.

Anything that protects me from sun damage, doesnt break me out and wont turn me into an oily mess by mid day definitely get a thumbs up for me! And it sits well under makeup too so that’s that 🙂


ATOP Sunfactor Shield, rm233

You didn’t think I would go all day with only spf30 on my face did you? I told them that I wear makeup and it’s impossible for me to re apply sunscreen on top of my makeup throughout the day coz we all know spf30 doesn’t cut it with the sun here. They got it all figured out with this ATOP Sunfactor Shield. It’s a spray on sunscreen that you can use throughout the day on top on your makeup.

I think it’s genius and I am obsessed with this. Sometimes I even use this in the morning before makeup instead of the Pro White Sunscreen cream because it’s so light and it smells so good! I spray it in my palms and apply it on my face and surprise surprise, this did not mess my makeup up too. The packaging is also sleek and slim making it easy for me to throw into my purse.


MedKare Facial Treatment Mask, rm100 

  • Moisturizes up to 72 hours
  • Reduces irritation and redness
  • Lightens discolorations
  • Eliminates fine lines
  • Firms and lifts the skin

I’ve used five of these and I’m left with only one and that makes me really sad because I love it! I have used a ton of sheet masks previously so I kinda know whether it works or not upon first application. This sheet mask moisturizes my skin tremendously. It makes my skin super soft and supple after using it and it stays that way for a day or two and that is pretty impressive to me for a sheet mask. It is a little wet so i put it on over the sink. This somehow calm my breakouts down immediately so I guess the hefty price tag is for a reason. If you love weekly pampering your troubled skin, this is a good one.

  • Overall

All in all I’m more than impressed with all of these products not because they were given to me but because I honestly did not have very high expectations since I’ve tried salon products in the past and they were nothing but a total let down with high price tags. These on the other hand, did what they’re supposed to do and helped to improve my skin condition in the past month.

Thank you Ido’s Clinic because once again, you guys succeeded at making my skin happy! If any of you are interested in getting any treatments done at Ido’s Clinic be it facial sessions, facial laser treatments, nose fillers, chin fillers or what not, click HERE and fill in your details and you’ll get yourself rm100 off any treatments. More info on what treatments they offer, click HERE

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*MedKare Skincare is a skincare line sold exclusively at Ido’s Clinic

Thank you for reading guys, have a great weekend! ❤



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