Review: Benefit Cosmetics License to Blot

To all my grease balls out there, you might’ve heard that there’s a new product in town to help us cope with the shine throughout the day 😀 Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia sent this to me a week ago I’ve put it to the test to let chu know how it is!


  • What is it?

BLOT on the spot! This instant blotting stick with tiny invisible blotting spheres targets oily spots and mattifies shine for up to 6 hours after application. Wear alone or touch up over makeup. The specially designed triangular tip targets shiny zones…the sides of your nose, forehead and chin. Oil has finally met its matte!

  • How to apply?

Blend the POREfessional primer all over face to minimize the appearance of pores then target oily spots with license to blot.


So basically, this is a multi purpose product that you can put on before applying your makeup and also throughout the day to blot your face replacing the conventional blotting papers. The packaging is superrrr cute like the rest of Benefit’s packaging and it’s small and compact to throw into the purse. Reminds me so much of a glue stick.

I tried POREfessional primer in the past and wasn’t really a fan coz I feel that it sometimes block my pores and causes tiny bumps at the end of the day so I was kinda scared of this product too in the beginning but thank goodness it did nothing of that sort and my face did not have a negative reaction to this so that’s a huge plus!


  • As a primer under makeup

In my humble opinion, this works best under makeup as it definitely mattify the areas that you apply it on. Being in a stick form, it’s definitely easier for you to apply it at targeted areas where you tend to get oily. This product will definitely come in handy for those who have combination oily skin because applying mattifying primer onto the whole face can sometimes cause dry flaky patches. With this, you’ll have a precise control of the areas you wanna keep matte.

  • As a blotting stick throughout the day

I was very excited to try it as a blotting stick because I’ve been using blotting papers for years and sometimes it can be embarrassing to blot in public hahah and this looked like a promising solution. I completely love the idea of it however, it did not work out for me as a blotting stick because my makeup would wipe off onto the stick whenever I dab this on. It does mattify that area no doubt but it also takes off my makeup at the same time. This might be because I’m a greasy mess in certain are or just user error but I’m just sharing my experience wit chuu.

  • Overall

I personally wouldn’t use this throughout the day for quick touch ups but I like this product as a mattifying primer and will continue to use it for that sole purpose. I think it works great and being in a stick form, it’s a no mess no hassle product and great for travelling too! If you’re in the market for an oil absorbing product, you might wanna check this out and tell me what you think after trying it out 🙂

You can get the Benefit Cosmetics License to Blot at all Benefit counters/ Sephora at rm80.

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia’s Facebook page – click > Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia’s Instagram – click > @benefitcosmeticsmy

Thank you guys for reading! xx


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