Review: OR Eau Miracle Drop .. it’s so good

Hey guys! I’m back. Been pretty sick after Bangkok hence the MIA and you know, life got in the way too. But now I need to tell you bout this product that I’ve almost used up. Ido’s Clinic gave this to me to try out a month back and I am so GLAD they did because I cant even begin to tell you how awesome it is. Gotta admit it’s pricey for only a 10ml product O.O but it made such a huge difference on my skin that I cant… I just cant contain myself haha.

  • What is this?

OR Eau Miracle Drop is a skincare activator with 5 main functions:

  1. Super absorption
  2. Reduction of pores
  3. Soothes and Repairs
  4. Restore moisture
  5. Enhances skincare function

It’s hyluronic acid in its purest form and it’s meant to be used after your toner but before your serums/creams and it will help whatever skincare item you apply over it to be absorbed 6x better into the skin. That’s why I was told to stop Retin-A for a month while using this because it would be too much on my skin. Was super skeptical to do that coz if you read my posts before this you’d know what happened the last time I stopped my Retin-a.


  • Overall view

It looks just like water with no scent at all. I take about 4 drops of it and gently pat it into my skin day and night. I notice that when it comes to skincare, products that dont look like much in the sense of packaging or consistency usually surprises me the most. Like Bioderma. 

This product made the biggest difference on my skin ever. I know I might’ve said that before but for real. This product is no joke. My pores look much smaller and my skin overall looks so much smoother and firmer. And the best part is that my breakouts reduced drastically ever since I started using this. *touch wood*  Now my makeup goes on so much nicer on my skin too.


I would definitely recommend this to anyone because it’s so effective that I’m still in disbelief coz this is the best thing I’ve tried so far. And it’s also preservative-free. You can purchase this exclusively at Ido’s Clinic for RM252. 

Ido’s Clinic also provides all sorts of face augmentation procedures, laser treatments and facials. So if you’re interested to try any of their services, you can get rm100 off by clicking HERE and filling up your details.

For more info of their locations, click HERE

For more info on their services, click HERE

Thanks for reading guys! xx



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