Review: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

A good clay mask is everything for the skin and I’ve tried quite a few in the past and none of them actually blew me away till I tried this one! I bought this at Innisfree Sunway Pyramid for rm52 a couple months back and I’ve used this and only this for the past month or two. I think you get a super awesome bang for your money coz you need a tiny bit , just a thin layer covering the whole face so it’s definitely affordable and worth it if you ask me.


  • Why Clay Mask?

After a whole week of wearing makeup and being out in the polluted air, most likely our skin gets congested and the pores are all clogged. So clay mask will help to pull out all the impurities and gunks out of our pores and sometimes bring zits out to the surface quicker too. So if you get tiny bumps after a clay mask, dont fret coz that happens and that means the mask is working!


  • My Clay Mask Routine

Cleanse > Exfoliate > Clay Mask > Hydrating Mask > Toner > Serum > Moisturizer > Sleeping Mask

I use clay mask usually once and maybe twice a week depending on the condition of my skin. Following up with a hydrating mask helps to balance out my skin coz clay masks can be a tad too drying at times. But I find that this Innisfree one doesnt dry out or make my skin feel tight at all after using it.


  • Overall 

Now all the reasons why I love this clay mask. First, it doesnt have an offensive scent to it at all so that’s nice since you gotta leave this on the skin for quite a while. It dries pretty fast and doesn’t leave my skin feeling too tight or painful. And you know how some clay masks cracks and get all over the place when it dries if you move your face? This doesnt do that so it isnt messy! It makes my skin feel incredibly soft and leaves it looking real bright after every use.  I dont know whether it’s supposed to do that but it does. AND, my pores always look smaller after using it. I dont get those post clay mask breakouts from this and personally I think that means it isnt too harsh for my skin. I honestly think that this mask really helps with keeping my skin clear and when I get those big nasty zits, I even use this as a spot treatment and its great for that too! And lastly, it’s affordable and it does everything a clay mask should.

I HIGHLY recommend this clay mask if you are looking into a good detox for your skin! You can get it at Innisfree Sunway Pyramid 🙂

Thanks for reading loves! xx


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